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PRIMAL NFT Fan token

PRIMAL NFT(Crypto) Review | How to Play and Earn

This article will explain how to earn PRIMAL, the future of PRIMAL, and the cryptocurrency $PRIMAL.

We hope you will find it useful.

~PRIMAL Update~

The PRIMAL App is now available! Enter your Referral Code to get involved!

  • Referral Code: YNI3JI9F

You can earn HIT points every day when you join the app. The earlier you join the app, the more HITs you earn!

Also, the more friends you invite, the more HITs you earn.

Create an account = +4 HIT/day
Add Wallet = +3 HITs/day
1 referred friend = +8 HIT/day per friend

HITs earned can be redeemed for $ENRGY tokens!

Click here to download the app.

Also, Staking has begun! Staking now gets you an NFT in the raffle!

Click here to start staking.

What is PRIMAL?


primal nft

Game Title PRIMAL
Genre Move-to-Earn
Blockchain Step Network
Initial Investment
Supported models iOS,Android

PRIMAL is a Move to Earn (M2E) project launched on the IDO platforms of DaoMaker and Gate Startup. The app aims to achieve certain targets, focusing on fitness and monetization.

  • Connecting fans & celebrity athletes
  • Train & earn with any fitness device
  • Trade your favourite athlete fan tokens

PRIMAL combines two highly successful concepts: STEPN-style sports + Chiliz-type fan tokens. In fact, it is the first project to issue fan tokens for over 250 major athletes including soccer, cricket, MMA, and many other fields.

It expands the use case of Chiliz, a soccer tokenization, and NBA Top Shot, a basketball tokenization, generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

PRIMAL app is built for the mainstream use and can be used without a crypto wallet. The app is now available on both iOS and Android, which works with Fitbit, Apple watch, and OURA fitness devices.

The trend of Move to Earn

Move to Earn trend was first started by StepN in early 2022. It was wildly adopted by the crypto community. Top projects include StepN (GMT), Step App (FITFI), Genopets (GENE), and Sweatcoin(SWEAT). However, they all face the same issues of scalability and usability due to the nature of their blockchain infrastructure.

As a competitive edge, PRIMAL addresses the biggest bottleneck and cost in the FitFi market, allowing a faster and smoother market entry and greater user participation. This opens up a chance for PRIMAL to take the success of predecessors one step further, enabling fans to experience a tight bond with athletes.

How to Earn

primal fan token

  • Work out in real life and earn PRIMAL NFT upgrades.
  • Join your favorite athlete’s inner circle, learn from your idols, and train with them.
  • Support your favorite athletes by purchasing fan tokens.

About $PRIMAL and $ENRGY

$PRIMAL Contract Address:

  • BSC: 0xcb5327ed4649548e0d73e70b633cdfd99af6da87
  • Ethereum: 0xdd13dedecebda566322195bc4451d672a148752c
  • Step Network: 0x0bbe45a033aab7a90006c05aa648efd3d2993f9e

$PRIMAL is the Governance Token of the project that fuels most project operations from in-app purchases to token staking.

On the other hand, $ENRGY is a reward token, kicking up the levels up PRIMAL NFTs and incentivizing user’s participations.

Where to buy PRIMAL

$PRIMAL is listed on the following exchanges

  • KuCoin
  • Bybit
  • Gate
  • MEXC
  • Pancakeswap

PRIMAL Staking

Staking $PRIMAL has multiple benefits, including

  1. NFT: Staking $PRIMAL receives a free PRIMAL NFT at launch.
  2. Rewards: With $PRIMAL, you can activate your earnings with PRIMAL NFTs.
  3. Discount: Stake to reduce the NFT transaction fee from 2.5% to 2% (0.5% discount).
  4. Staking Yield: Up to 50% of NFT transaction fees can be used as staking compensation.

Click here to start staking.

PRIMAL’s future potential

Combining successful concepts.

primal eco

PRIMAL combines two highly successful concepts: STEPN-style sports + Chiliz-type fan tokens

  • Connect fans with famous athletes
  • Train and earn with fitness devices
  • Exchange fan tokens with your favorite athletes

Works with fitness devices

primal device

PRIMAL works with Fitbit, Applewatch, and OURA fitness devices.

Built for mainstream use and can be used without a crypto wallet.

Utilizing Step Network

primal step app

Previous Move2Earn projects such as Stepn and Genopets faced scaling and usability issues due to the nature of the blockchain they were built on.

Step Network is the first protocol created for Fitness Finance, and PRIMAL addresses the biggest bottlenecks and costs in the FitFi market, allowing for faster and smoother market entry and greater user participation.

For more information on Step Network and Step App, please refer to the following articles.

What is Step App? Learn about Crypto(FITFI and KCAL), NFT, How to Start and Earn

PRIMAL Summary

We have explained how to earn PRIMAL, the future of PRIMAL, and cryptocurrency $PRIMAL.

If you are interested in getting started with $PRIMAL, please refer to this article.

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