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PROJECT XENO: NFT Game Review | How to start and earn

PROJECT XENO is an NFT game that has been making waves, particularly since the appointment of Hikaru, a popular Japanese YouTuber, as its ambassador. PROJECT XENO is a highly strategic and engaging PvP game. Players select three characters, known as XENOs, each with its own distinct persona, aiming for victory through the effective use of skill cards and strategic positioning. Distinct from previous in-app purchase games, PROJECT XENO also offers the potential to earn while you play.

This article will delve into the details of PROJECT XENO, explaining what the game entails, how to get started, ways to earn, and tips on the best characters and strategies.

What is PROJECT XENO? What kind of game is it?


PROJECT XENO is a Web3 PvP game incorporating elements of GameFi. Players form a team of three XENO characters to battle, and by winning these battles, they can earn rewards. Each NFT character can be equipped with four skill cards, allowing for a variety of tactics to be employed in pursuit of victory. The rewards earned can be used for nurturing your NFT characters or acquiring new ones. NFT characters can also be traded in the in-app marketplace.

Genre Simulation PVP Game
Blockchain Binance Chain
Game Tokens GXE, UXE
Initial Investment From $180 (variable) * Free play also available
Compatible Devices iOS, Android
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Discord
App Download Android:, iOS:

How to Start Playing PROJECT XENO


PROJECT XENO is free to play.

To start, simply download the app and give it a go.


Once the app is downloaded, a tutorial will commence to help you understand the gameplay. If you’re short on time, you have the option to skip this tutorial.


You will begin by choosing your first three characters (classes).

The classes in PROJECT XENO include:


You will select three classes from these six to start with. Each class has its own unique characteristics and the game requires strategic planning, so it’s hard to say definitively which class is the strongest. Therefore, it’s best to choose based on personal preference.

How to Earn with PROJECT XENO​


What sets PROJECT XENO apart from typical games is the potential to earn while you play, facilitated by NFTs, which can be purchased on the official website’s marketplace.

There are two main ways to earn in PROJECT XENO: earning tokens through PvP battles, and earning by selling NFTs.

  • Earning through PvP battles: Engage in real-time battles with other players in the Battle Arena. Winning these battles allows you to earn a cryptocurrency called U Coins.
  • Earning by selling NFTs: Selling NFTs in the marketplace can earn you a cryptocurrency called USDT.

​Did I Really Profit From PROJECT XENO?


Upon actually playing and earning U Coins in PvP, I found that winning a battle earned me a few cents (per NFT).


Each NFT is designed to be able to earn up to 25,000 U Coins, where 1 U Coin equals 1 cent. Therefore, an NFT can earn up to $250.

While it takes thousands of victories to earn $250, the charm lies in the ability to earn while enjoying the game. However, be aware that as your number of victories increases, so does the strength of your opponents, making it more difficult to win and subsequently harder to earn.

Still, the game is designed for long-term play and earning, making it ideal for those who want to enjoy the game for extended periods. There are also plans for e-sports development, so the elements of earning while enjoying the game are likely to increase in the future.


Owning multiple NFTs can increase your earnings, reduce character development time, improve the efficiency of opening treasure chests, and bring many other benefits.

For those with extra funds, it may be worth considering purchasing multiple NFTs. However, remember to exercise caution and take full responsibility when making such investments.

How Can I Win in PvP? Key Strategies for PROJECT XENO

Let’s discuss three key points for mastering PROJECT XENO: Understanding the characteristics of the classes Considering the placement and formation Setting skills according to tactics

(1) Understanding the Characteristics of the Classes


In XENO, there are classes that represent the abilities and roles of each XENO character. The characteristics of these classes are tied to the effects of skill cards and how you fight. Understand the characteristics of each class and consider the tactical patterns of your skill cards.

  • BREAKER: Excels in destroying summoned units and disrupting enemy tactics to control the battle.
  • GUARDIAN: Possesses high durability and specializes in protecting allies. Protects attackers and slowly dominates the battlefield.
  • SAMURAI: Has high attack power and specializes in melee attacks. Has many skill cards that can defeat frontline enemies in one sweep.
  • PSYCHIC: A class with long-range attacks and special summoning abilities. Excels in attacks that ignore formation, enabling pinpoint enemy elimination.
  • NINJA: A tricky class that excels in continuous attacks, traps, and status abnormalities. Unleashes its full power in combination with other skill cards.
  • GRAPPLER: The class with the highest attack power. Defeats enemies with counterattacks and critical attacks.

(2) Considering Placement and Formation


When constructing a deck, you place three XENO characters in a 3×3 formation. Depending on their positions, they may become the targets of enemy attacks. Different placement strategies can be applied, such as positioning a durable XENO in front of a XENO with low HP for protection, or summoning a unit in front of a XENO likely to be defeated by an enemy. This allows for various tactics to be executed.

(3) Setting SkillsAccording to Tactics


Battles are carried out using skill cards set to each XENO. Each skill card requires a certain amount of energy, and choosing which skill to select within your limited energy is key to victory. Furthermore, consuming energy increases your special gauge, allowing you to activate powerful special skills. Set your skill cards with various tactical patterns in mind.

About the Cryptocurrencies $UXE and $GXE in PROJECT XENO


PROJECT XENO utilizes two types of tokens: $UXE Utility Tokens and $GXE Governance Tokens.

$UXE Utility Token

$UXE is a utility token used within the game. It can be won with a certain probability upon winning Arena Battles. $UXE is used in the game for purposes such as generating NFTs and purchasing items, thus providing an advantage in the game.

  • UXE Contract Address: 0x94EF1c2d0F7Dc899978944F2898d78a255AFad3E

$GXE Governance Token

$GXE is a governance token. It is a cryptocurrency used for purposes such as generating NFTs and enhancing the value of NFTs. It is also used for staking. It is primarily listed on GXE Global.

  • GXE Contract Address: 0x510975edA48A97E0cA228dD04d1217292487bea6

Comprehensive Game Knowledge for PROJECT XENO

  • About Characters
  • About Skill Cards
  • About Weapons
  • About Market Money, U-Coin, and G-Coin

Let’s discuss these one by one.

About Characters


Characters are called XENO. XENO has four elements: Class, Status, Passive Skill, and Special Move.

About Classes



  • SAMURAI Class: This class specializes in melee attacks. It possesses many skill cards that can defeat frontline enemies in one go.
  • BREAKER Class: This class excels in destroying summoned units. It can disrupt enemy tactics and control the battlefield.
  • GUARDIAN Class: This class has high durability and excels in protecting allies. It protects its allies and slowly dominates the battlefield.
  • PSYCHIC Class: This class possesses many long-range attacks and special summoning abilities. It has many attacks that ignore formation, enabling pinpoint enemy elimination.
  • NINJA Class: This is a tricky class that excels in continuous attacks, traps, and status abnormalities. It unleashes its full power in combination with other skill cards.
  • GRAPPLER Class: This class has the highest attack power against XENO (characters). It defeats enemies with counterattacks and critical attacks.

About Statuses


XENOs have four statuses that are related to their performance in battles and rewards:

  • HP: The character’s health
  • ATK: The power of attacks dealt to opponents
  • SPD: Speed that influences the order of actions in battle
  • EARN: Token rewards earned from battles

About Passive Skills

Passive skills are skills that automatically take effect during battles. Each XENO possesses two of these randomly. They have various effects, such as improving a XENO’s abilities during battle, or changing the skill cards being used.

About Special Moves

Special moves are skills that are used during battles. Each XENO randomly possesses one. Their effects are greater than those of regular skill cards.

About Skill Cards

PROJECT-XENO_combination skill card

Skill cards are action skills that can be used during battles by setting them to XENOs. Four skill cards can be equipped to a XENO. Skill cards are composed of rarity, level, class, type, effect, and cost.


Enhancement of Skill Cards

Skill cards can be obtained from treasures dropped when winning battles. When you gather the same skill cards, they can level up. Levelled up skills trigger stronger effects.

About Weapons


Weapons are NFTs that exhibit specific effects when equipped to a XENO as WEAPON and CHARM. They come in four levels of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, with higher rarities having greater potency.

  • WEAPON: Enhances or corrects the effects of skills owned by a XENO.
  • CHARM: Provides various effects that give XENO an advantage in battles. Higher rarities have passive effects and set effects.

About Market Money, U-Coin, and G-Coin

Market Money is a point system required for purchasing goods on the marketplace. It can be purchased with BUSD/USDT or credit cards. G-Coin is a coin that can be used in the game. It can be purchased with a credit card or GXE. However, G-Coins purchased with a credit card or GXE cannot be withdrawn. U-Coin is a coin that can be used in the game. It can be purchased with a credit card or UXE. However, U-Coins purchased with a credit card or UXE cannot be withdrawn. U-Coins earned as game rewards can be withdrawn as UXE. The value of U-Coins earned through EARN is constant, but the amount of UXE you can earn depends on the exchange rate at the time of withdrawal. The price of G-Coin and U-Coin is set at 1 cent. Please note that the price of each coin may fluctuate depending on the market in the future.


PROJECT XENO is an engaging PvP game where players strategically utilize the skill cards of their XENOs to progress through battles. Players can influence the outcome of battles through their choice of formation and skills, aiming for victory by selecting the optimal tactics within their limited resources. Additionally, the game offers an innovative aspect where simply playing the game could potentially earn rewards.

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