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NFT Champions | Ultimate Game Review, About its Cryptocurrency, and 02 Ways to Earn

NFT Champions is a next-generation MMORPG game developed with Unreal Engine 5, a Pokemon-like game in which players travel through an open world to collect, train, and battle champions.

In this article, we will explain the gameplay of NFT Champions, the cryptocurrency $CHAMP, and how to earn money with this game.

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What is NFT Champions?

What is NFT Champions?

NFT Champions is an MMORPG developed using Unreal Engine 5 that allows players to explore, collect, train and battle champions in an open world.

The game offers Pokémon-like gameplay, allowing players to collect different champions, enhance them, and battle opponents.

Game Title NFT Champions
Game Genre RPG
Blockchain Polygon, ETH
Supported Models
Official Website
Official Twitter
White paper


About NFT Champions Gameplay

Players can explore the vast open world, discovering new territories and finding champions that inhabit each one.

Champions are distinguished by rarity and ability and can be collected by players. Champions can also be trained, leveling them up and giving them new skills.

NFT Champions Gameplay


Battles take place in PvP or PvE. Players fight with their own champions and are rewarded for winning. Rewards include the acquisition of new champions and items.

gameplay 2


A player’s team composition has a significant impact on his or her battle advantage; the individual ability values of NFTs determine their block rate, basic attack power, skill attack power, hit rate, speed, MP, strength, regeneration, debuff resistance, and counterattack success rate.

In addition to basic stats and special attack skills, NFTs have unique traits that grant them a variety of abilities.


How to Earn with NFT Champions

How to earn with NFT Champions


There are two ways to earn:

  • Win tournaments and online PVP matches to earn in-game rewards
  • Sell NFT for a higher price by upgrading it to its current highest level or evolving it to the next level.


NFT Champions Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency $CHAMP is the native token of NFT Champions and is issued on Polygon (formerly Matic Network).

$CHAMP is used for all transactions occurring within NFT Champions, including NFT purchases, sales and trades.


NFT Champions Roadmap

The roadmap for NFT Champions is as follows

  • Private Round (October 1 – October 15, 2021)
  • Public IDO (October 21, 2021)
  • Token Generation Event (October 27, 2021)
  • NFT release in the online marketplace (February 15, 2022)
  • Official Early Access game release (2023)

NFT Champions Summary

NFT Champions is a next-generation MMORPG game developed with Unreal Engine 5, similar to Pokémon, in which players travel through an open world to collect, train, and battle champions.

In addition to enjoying high-quality graphics and immersive gameplay, players can purchase, trade, and train NFTs to create their own NFT team and take on a variety of challenges.


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