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Dogami Game Review | Earn money with your pets

DOGAMI is an AR pet simulator. It takes the AR experience from Pokemon GO that was impressed by millions of people around the world. Then, it combines with the gameplay of Nintendo, allowing you to acquire a DOGAMI NFT and raise it as your own pet.

The game combines the latest blockchain innovations with mobile gaming to create an entirely new experience, the Petaverse (Pet + Metaverse).

This article will provide an overview of  the game, how to earn money, and how to purchase NFTs, as far as we currently know.

What is DOGAMI?

Dogami nft


DOGAMI will be a mobile game that will be available on both iOS and Android devices, and its mobile and augmented reality (AR) features make it hard to come by on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. But most likely it will come to the Nintendo Switch in the future.

The game aims to create ‘Your true virtual companion‘, which allows players to earn money while playing with 03 easy steps

  • Adopt
  • Raise
  • Earn

Firstly, to start your game journey, you need to ‘adopt‘ a Pet NFT.


All pets go through a three-stage life cycle, beginning with puppies and including adult dogs and spirits.

The more you train and grow your  pet, the more you earn.

Here are some highlights of the project you need to know before you play:

  •  Pet Life Cycle
  •  NFT
  •  Accessories

Highlights of the game DOGAMI

DOGAMI Pet Life Cycle

Your ultimate goal in the game is to successfully raise your NFT dog from a puppy, to become an adult parent dog, and eventually to the afterlife.

This section describes the life cycle of pets in three stages: puppy, adult dog, and spirit.

Puppy Stage

dogami puppy


The first phase of the game begins with the raising and taking care of puppies.

It is very similar to what we’ve seen in other pet simulator like Nintendo, Petz, and Little Friends. You have to feed, train, wash, groom, and play with your pet.

The more you meet the needs of your pet (feeding, walking, cleaning, training, playing, touching, etc.), the faster it will grow.

In order to recreate the life experience of raising a pet as it would be in real life, these actions must be performed each day. Your day will be full of challenges and quests to complete.

Success rate is not only based on how your puppies grow up every day, but also how far you increase your Bonding and Motivation Levels.

Adult Stage

The adult stage brings some dramatic changes. This is the most important stage, referring the ‘Play to Earn‘ mode of the game, which includes 3 phases as below.



As an adult dog, various occupations and training activities are unlocked in the form of mini-games. The mini-game will be introduced as a multiplayer mode that will allow adult dogs of different players to participate.

This is called the “DOGAMI Olympics” and players will compete against each other to win rewards.

Players wishing to participate must pay $DOGA.

The better you train your pet and the more they climb the career ladder, the more $DOGA tokens you will be rewarded with on any given day.

The mini-games will include the following:

  1. Agility: This is a mini-game that challenges the quickness and reflexes of the DOGAMI pet. The game involves crossing obstacles such as ramps, wheels, and walls as quickly as possible.
  2. Crab Cross: A mini game in which you and your DOGAMI pet run a certain distance within a time limit.
  3. Fly Ball: A mini-game in which you navigate your DOGAMI pet through an obstacle course and bring the ball back to its owner at its destination as quickly as possible.

While you still need to stick with your dog, you can also start leveling their career path. These career roles include Police, Firefighter, Farmer, Space, Yoga, and Figure Skater.

Players with a profession will receive a special NFT badge.

Batch holders will be granted special voting rights during the governance event and will have a say in the mini-game.

Specially, every adult dog will be granted a special badge that allows it to enter the breeding ground, which helps enhance its value.

Note: they can only be bred during a certain time period called ‘Love Season‘.


All pets can only be bred a limited number of times in their lifetime due to the limited number of breeds.

Players must pay $DOGA to be paired with a DOGAMI pair (male/female). If the player is a male, he will be paired with a female and if the player is a female, he will be paired with a male.

When a DOGAMI pair mates, a new litter of puppies is born. Once the new puppies are born, the player with the male and the player with the female who participated in the breeding participate in a blind auction to determine who gets to keep the puppies born.

Spirit Stage


Dogamies reach the spirit stage when they pass through puppy stage and adult stage, and no longer be able to reproduce.

At the time of writing, not much is known about the gaming experience at this stage. More information about this stage will be released shortly.


DOGAMI pets consist of the main rarities of the NFT in breed and personality. Each of these is explained below.

DOGAMI Pet Variety

As of the DOGAMI alpha version, the number and variety of DOGAMI pets will increase through breeding, starting with 800 breeds.

All varieties are available in four rarities: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

Breed Rarity Probability
Diamond 2%
Gold 8%
Silver 30%
Bronze 60%


DOGAMI Pet Individuality

DOGAMI pets have personalities. Individuality consists of 30 different personalities.

There are three rarities of individuality: super-rare, rare, and common.


Rarity Probability
Super rare 5%
Rare 20%
Common 75%


DOGAMI Accessories

DOGAMI offers two types of accessories. Accessories can be used to advance the game or increase its rarity value.

  • Consumables (food, snacks, medicine, etc.)
  • Wearables (clothing, etc.)


Consumables are used periodically throughout the game to feed and train pets. Consumables are awarded for free as a login bonus or can be purchased in the Marketplace.

Paid consumables can help you grow your pet faster, giving you an edge in the game.

Item Name Use Item Class Nutritional Efficiency Price
Dry Kibble Training Basic 1 Free
Water Training Basic 1 Free
Raw Beef Training Premium 1.25 Base price*1.25
Raw Chicken Training Premium 1.25  Base price*1.25
Cooked Beef Training Deluxe 1.5  Base price*1.5
Cooked Chicken Training Deluxe 1.5  Base price*1.5
Well-prepared Foods Training Deluxe 2 Base price*2



Wearables can change the look of your pet. By changing the appearance of your pet, you can increase its rarity.

Item Name  Use Item Class/Rarity Effectiveness
Blue Glasses Eyes Common None
Yellow Socks Legs Common None
Warm Dog Jacket Body Rare +1 Vitality Statistics
Fashionista Hat Head Epic Bonus Effect of Fashionista’s Activities
Water Cannon Back Legendary Bonus Effect of Firefighter’s Activities


What is DOGAMI Cryptocurrency?

DOGAMI has a governance token called the $DOGA token. The tokens are the currency of the ecosystem.

$DOGA is used to:

  • Purchase new NFTs
  • Become a member of DOGA Council
  • Collect limited edition digital wearables
  • Breed your pet during Love Seasons
  • Purchase exclusive physical products

How does Play-to-Earn Work in DOGAMI?

It’s not as simple as you’ve expected.

The main way to earn is to raise pets and raise their bonding level.

The bonding level is the numerical value of the bond between you and your pet. The bonding level is a central element of the game.

In addition, there is a way to earn money by competing in a performance competition called the DOGAMI Olympics, which is also explained here.

Raising DOGAMI pets and raising bonding levels

Bonding levels start at 0, and as you repel up, new activities, features, and supplies are unlocked.

The greater the bonding level, the greater the daily $DOGA and other rewards.

The higher the bonding level, the more you play with, feed, and walk your pet, and the more you meet the pet’s needs.

All pets have three stages: the puppy stage, the adult stage, and the spirit stage.

  • Puppy Stage: The bonding level of puppies increases incrementally. The higher the bonding level, the greater the $DOGA reward.
Puppy bonding level $DOGA Rewards
Level 1 2
Level 2 3
Level 5 5
Level 10 15
: :


  • Adult dog stage: The adult dog phase adds a new booster in addition to the bonding level. Boosters increase the $DOGA reward. To achieve a booster, the user must maintain a good relationship with the dog and regularly fulfill the dog’s required expectations.
Adult Dog Bonding Level $DOGA Rewards Booster Maximum $DOGA Rewards
Level 1 5 1 5*1=5
Level 2 10 0.75 10*0.75=7.5
Level 5 25 2 25*2=50
Level 10 50 2.5 50*2.5=125
: : : :


Pets are assigned five new physical attributes as they evolve from puppies to adults. The rarer the pet, the more likely it is to have a rare body attribute.

Physical attributes function as specific boosters. The more rare the physical attribute, the higher the booster function and the greater the daily reward.

DOGAMI Rarity Common Attribute Rare Attribute Epic Attribute Legendary Attribute
Bronze 79% 20% 1% 0%
Silver 50% 29% 20% 1%
Gold 20% 50% 20% 10%
Diamond 0% 20% 40% 40%


The longer you raise your pet, teach him tricks, and play with him, the faster your bonding progress will be and the bigger your daily $ DOGA reward will be.

Win a mini-game at the DOGAMI Olympics

“Dogami Olympics”  is a mini-game in which players compete against each other to win rewards.

Mini-games will be introduced in a multiplayer mode in which adult dogs can participate.

Players who wish to participate must pay $DOGA; the better your performance in the DOGAMI Olympics, the bigger $DOGA reward you will earn.

The mini-games will include the following

  1. Agility: This is a mini-game that challenges the quickness and reflexes of the pet. The game is to cross obstacles such as ramps, wheels, and walls as quickly as possible.
  2. Crab Cross: This is a mini game in which you and your pet run a certain distance within a time limit.
  3. Fly Ball: This is a mini-game in which you navigate the pet through an obstacle course and bring the ball back to its owner at its destination as quickly as possible.

How to Start DOGAMI

To start, you need to purchase DOGAMI NFT.

Purchasing NFT to the following steps:

  1. Buy Tezos tokens with GMO Coin
  2. Create a Temple wallet
  3. Transfer Tezos tokens to your Temple wallet
  4. Buy NFTs on the Dogami Marketplace

DOGAMI Roadmap

First quarter of 2022

Launch of DOGAMÍ trailers
NFT sale of the first 10+ varieties
List of $ DOGA tokens
DOGA reward for Dogamí adopters
Announcement of the first partnership

Second quarter of 2022

Launch of DeFi functionality (farm and staking)
Launch of the first cross-chain experience (Tezos to EVM)
Launch of Puppy Phase (PVE)
Implementation of first AR functionality

Third quarter of 2022

Dogamí Breeding Capacity Initiation
Introduction of Dogamí accessories
Organization of actual community events
Sale of exclusive products for NFT and $ DOGA holders

Fourth quarter of 2022

Launch of the immersive social experience
Initiation of the first PVP experience
Introduction of selective mating
Introduction of geospatial gaming features

DOGAMI’s future potential

Finally, I would like to explain our site’s vision for the future of DOGAMI.

Pet-to-Earn Innovations

DOGAMI is an NFT game that captures the global trend.

There are 360 million households worldwide that own pet dogs, and the number is growing every year. Demand for pet dogs is high, with an annual growth rate of 3%. However, the requirement to own a pet has many practical and difficult aspects, not to mention the cost.

This game allows people to own a dog in a virtual space with the feeling of having a unique companion and extended family. This is similar to the feeling of raising a Tamagotchi, which has become a popular video game.

And the time that players spend lovingly raising their pets can be earned as a reward.

In other words, a new ecosystem will be created where people can earn money while keeping pets.

Adoption of the Tezos blockchain

Tezos blockchain has a low average gas price of $0.0023. This eliminates the need to pay high gas prices and allows for smoother NFT transactions. Additionally, the Tezos blockchain allows for in-game transactions at a faster rate compared to Ethereum.

Thus, it does not suffer from transaction and network congestion like the Ethereum network and its associated Layer 2.

The Tezos blockchain has the advantage of making projects scalable.

Prominent investors in the blockchain community

Dogamí has secured $6 million in funding from prominent blockchain leaders, including co-founders of Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, and The Sandbox.

The support of prominent world-class investors is an endorsement that this is an NFT game with tremendous potential.


We have described the new Pet to Earn features of DOGAMI.

Just hearing that you can earn money while raising pets seems new and exciting.

Of course, it also seems very well thought out as a game.

If you are interested in the game after reading this article, please buy DOGAMI and raise your pet.




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