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What is GranSaga Unlimited? How to Start the Game

GranSaga Unlimited is the first ever blockchain game developed by NPIXEL. The game is based on the original mobile web 2 game Gran Saga, which had gained a significant recognition in the gaming industry in Asia, especially in Korea and Japan. Gran Saga was the top-grossing game on the iOS App Store.

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Remember ultra-high quality of the game has been well received and generated a great deal of excitement on SNS. We can totally expect great things forthcoming in the future.

Earlier this year, the fast-growing game maker from Korea – NPIXEL – had announced the release first game on Aptos blockchain called GranSaga Unlimited.

The partnership of two leading companies in the industry NPIXEL and Aptos Labs was announced in November 2022 has taken advantage of the non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, and GameFi.


What is GranSaga Unlimited?

It is expected that this game will conduct testing in Q1 this year, and will then launch globally in Q2.

NPIXEL has built a METAPIXEL – a Metaverse system utilizing Web 3 and blockchain technology.

The GranSaga Unlimited testing participants will be selected through METAPIXEL’s official Discord channel. They have successfully hosted 2 rounds of testing call.

The game was introduced as a MMORPG (multiplayer mobile online role-playing game), initially launched on PC. Players will later be able to access the game via mobile smartphones.

Game Title GranSaga Unlimited
Game Genre MMORPG
Blockchain Aptos
Supported Models PC
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Discord

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What makes GranSaga Unlimited Unique?

There is a unique element named the Proof of Play system, which allows system agents to influence the hash rate in the game, much like the hash target algorithm (mining) in Bitcoin, to influence the user and create a deep meta gameplay experience.

How to Play GranSaga Unlimited 

Users individually select a class and play their roles to the fullest.

  • Elementalist
  • Guardian
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Others

Currently, the game is undergoing testing phase with an official recruitment on METAPIXEL’s Twitter and Discord channel.

In addition, an Early Adopter NFT event has successfully taken place on Topaz Market.

How to obtain an GranSaga Unlimited’s Early Adopter NFT

  1. Go to Topaz’s official website
  2. Connect your Aptos wallet. If you don’t have an Aptos wallet, it is required to download one.For recommendation, please check out Pontem Wallet – one of the best crypto wallets on Aptos network.
  3.  Once you’ve connected your wallet, complete all the assigned tasks
  4. Then hit ‘Claim

Please note that a small amount of $APT is required for gas fee.

In case you’ve already used Metamask, please use the recommended LiquidSwap to – the first DEX on Aptos – to swap tokens from various chains

  • Ethereum
  • BNB Chain
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Polygon

Also, it is recommended to bridge tokens such as ETH, USDC (recommended), USDT, etc. to an Aptos-enabled wallet.

In other cases, you can also get $APT  by swapping the bridged tokens. (The gas fee is sent to your wallet free of charge when you bridge the tokens, so you can bridge and swap for free.)

It takes as little as 3 minutes to complete the process, which is easier than using an overseas exchange.

*Depending on the status of the Aptos network, it is possible that you may not have enough gas money to swap with only the free gas money you received.

In that case, we recommend that you give it some time. If you are worried about the network situation, please use an overseas exchange such as Bybit that supports $APT and allows you to trade relatively quickly.

GranSaga Unlimited Summary

GranSaga Unlimited is a high quality NFT game that we are very excited to try.

Since it is an MMORPG, you may invite your friends and other players to join in the fun.

You may also get a METAPIXEL Early Adopter NFT  to participate in the test play, if you want to play in advance.





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