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X Heroes: NFT War Review | How to start and earn

Are you familiar with “X Heroes: NFT War,” a WEB3 turn-based strategy RPG? Developed jointly by Me2on and Gravity Neocyon, this game is a collectible turn-based strategy RPG that allows you to earn MPL (MEVerse Play Token) while having fun. In this article, we will explain how to get started with “X Heroes: NFT War,” how to earn, and provide an overview of the virtual currencies MPL and HRS.

What is X Heroes: NFT War?


X Heroes: NFT War is a collectible turn-based strategy RPG developed by Me2on and Gravity Neocyon. It is a Play and Earn game under the MEVerse Mainnet where users can acquire MEVerse Play Tokens (MPL) through gameplay.

The battles are turn-based, with alternating offense and defense each turn. Based on the characteristics of your heroes, you need to build effective strategies and timely change skills according to the situation in order to achieve victory.


Consider various variables such as hero placement, skill selection, and activation timing to develop the optimal strategy.

Game title X Heroes: NFT War
Genre Strategic RPG
Blockchain MEVerse
Supported models Android,iOS
Official site
Official twitter
Official discord

About X Heroes: NFT War’s Gameplay


“X Heroes: NFT War” offers an epic Adventure Mode. This mode consists of a total of eight chapters, each containing eight stages. By clearing the Adventure Mode, players can earn rewards including coins, diamonds, and enhancement materials. Additionally, players can use the Auto Battle system to replay stages and gather materials.


Exclusive NFT missions, which can only be completed by players who own NFTs, are provided, offering additional rewards upon completion.

Getting Started with X Heroes: NFT War


Click the download button on the official website, “,” and select either Google Play or App Store.


Create an account.


Once in the game, connect your wallet.

Earning in X Heroes: NFT War

By playing “X Heroes: NFT War,” you can earn MPL (MEVerse Play Token) rewards. There are three ways to earn MPL:

Clear Daily Quests


Players can earn one Hero Stone (HRS) by completing all daily quests. HRS is an in-game currency that can be exchanged for MPL and can only be obtained through daily quests and NFT missions.

Participate in NFT Missions


Players who possess special NFTs can participate in NFT missions. These missions are updated daily, and clearing all missions rewards players with four Hero Stones (HRS).

Join the Championship


Players can participate in the monthly championship and directly earn MPL as a reward based on their ranking.

By utilizing these methods, players can earn MPL. HRS is an in-game currency that can also be exchanged for Red Diamonds in the shop. Clearing daily quests and NFT missions allows players to earn more rewards and obtain more powerful heroes.

About the Virtual Currencies MPL and HRS


MEVerse Play (MPL) is the utility token of the game, which can be exchanged for USDC. Hero Stones (HRS) are the in-game currency obtained through gameplay and can be exchanged for MPL tokens.

About NFTs and Heroes in X Heroes: NFT War

In “X Heroes: NFT War,” owning special NFT heroes allows players to become approximately 15% more powerful than regular heroes. Additionally, placing special NFT heroes in the championship grants players additional buffs.

Players who own special NFT heroes can participate in NFT missions and earn extra MPL tokens.


“X Heroes: NFT War” features over 300 heroes, classified into six types:

  1. Physical Type: Heroes specialized in melee combat, focusing on both offensive and defensive capabilities in all areas of the battlefield.
  2. Physical Tank Type: Heroes optimized for physical defense, serving as frontline defenders against enemy attacks.
  3. Magic Type: Heroes proficient in magical attacks and skilled in utilizing various spells.
  4. Magic Tank Type: Heroes optimized for magic defense, equipped with versatile defensive magic to protect allies from enemy spells.
  5. Healing Type: Heroes with exceptional healing abilities, capable of healing either single or multiple allies.
  6. Healing Tank Type: Heroes who mitigate enemy damage and support allies through various healing spells, strategically navigating battles.


The performance of heroes is classified based on rarity and grade. Each hero has a rarity and grade, which determine their fundamental abilities. The rarity of heroes includes M, B, A, S, SS, and SSS, while the grade is represented by stars ranging from 1 to 6.

Other Game Systems in X Heroes: NFT War

In X Heroes: NFT War, players have access to eight methods to enhance their heroes: Level Up, Ultimate Enhancement, Evolution, Promotion, Awakening, Equipment Enhancement, Skill Enhancement, and the Rune System.

Level Up

Players can grow their heroes by acquiring EXP through campaigns. Even if players don’t directly participate in battles, registering as an apprentice hero allows them to gain a certain amount of experience. Leveling up can also be done using Growth Powder.

Ultimate Enhancement


By upgrading heroes up to +5 through Hero Enhancement, players can further enhance them up to +9 through Ultimate Enhancement. To perform Ultimate Enhancement, the hero must be at the SSS rank. Ultimate Enhancement changes the hero’s appearance, increases statistics, and unlocks additional Rune slots. Ultimate Enhancement requires the hero to be enhanced to +5 at the SSS rank and consumes another SSS hero at +5 as material.



Heroes can be upgraded in rarity (Star Grade) through evolution. Evolution increases the hero’s grade and stats. To evolve a hero, the target hero must be enhanced up to +5, and a material hero with the same rarity, grade, and +5 enhancement is consumed. Evolving a hero does not affect their level, equipment, or skill levels, but it resets the enhancement level.



Promotion allows players to increase the rarity of their heroes. While each hero has its unique rarity, promotion enables them to become higher rarity heroes. To promote a hero, the protagonist must reach the maximum level. The target hero should be at the 6-star +5 enhancement level and requires a material hero of the same type, 6-star +5 enhancement. Upon completion of promotion, the hero’s rarity increases, and their stats and maximum level rise.



Heroes can become stronger through awakening. Awakening requires additional materials specific to the hero type, which can be obtained from the Blessing Temple in the Expedition and Adventure Mode (Hard). Awakening increases stats and unlocks exclusive awakening skills.



Each hero has their own individual equipment. Players can gather enhancement materials to strengthen their hero’s equipment, thereby improving their hero’s stats. Equipment can be enhanced up to +5, and enhancing them with equipment enhancement materials significantly boosts the hero’s stats.



All heroes possess skills that can be used in combat. They have active skills, which players can trigger to activate effects, and passive skills, which are automatically activated during battles. Players can enhance skills by spending gold to make them more powerful. Skill levels cannot exceed the hero’s level.

Rune System


Runes are accessories that heroes can equip. Unlike equipment, runes are not bound to specific heroes, and they can be equipped and unequipped. The number of runes a hero can equip increases based on their grade. Runes have rarity and grade, which determine the number of options and statistics granted to the rune. Runes can be enhanced using Red Diamonds and other runes as materials, and combining runes of the same rarity and level can increase their grade.


In conclusion, X Heroes: NFT War is a strategic simulation game where players enhance their heroes, devise strategies, and compete. Players can gather materials in Adventure Mode, earn rewards through Daily Quests and NFT missions, and acquire MPL through the Championship. Give it a try and experience the excitement for yourself!

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