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MetaStrikers: NFT Game Review | How to Start and Earn

“MetaStrikers”, the NFT game generating buzz for its general management by former Japanese soccer representative, Keisuke Honda.

Designed with a sustainable ecosystem, this game actively “burns” tokens and NFTs or imposes usage restrictions, positioning it as a more sustainable NFT game compared to its counterparts. Amidst the tendency for NFT games to crash, all eyes are on MetaStrikers for its potential to maintain stable token prices and active user base.

This article will walk you through everything from starting out with MetaStrikers’ NFTs and cryptocurrency, to ways of earning. Do use it as a reference.

What is MetaStrikers?


MetaStrikers is an NFT game managed by Keisuke Honda, a former Japanese soccer representative. This is a PVP game where you battle using four striker NFTs, created based on soccer. It mimics the ups and downs of real professional players, with aspects like schedule, condition, injuries, and retirement incorporated into its design.

Game Title MetaStrikers
Genre PVP
Blockchain Polygon
Minimum Investment  200MATIC(For new purchase)
Supported models iOS, Android, PC
Official Site
Official Twitter
Official Discord

About NFTs in MetaStrikers

MetaStrikers offers two kinds of NFTs:

  1. Striker NFTs
  2. Items

Striker NFTs


Striker NFTs are the essential components of the game. You can participate in matches by assembling a deck of four Striker NFTs.

They are available in different rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Additionally, Junior NFTs are distributed through giveaways and other events. These NFTs have lower performance compared to those for sale, and cannot be bought or sold.

The usage of NFTs is limited. Strikers may get injured during matches, and the likelihood of injury increases with the number of matches. After three days from an injury, a striker recovers and can participate in matches again. However, after three injuries, a striker must retire and can no longer be used in matches.

Striker NFTs have the following types and parameters:

  • Motivation: Varies between -10% and +10%, much like a PAWAPURO. It changes after each match and at 0:00 (UTC) each day. Meetings can be conducted to manage the motivation of strikers.
  • Parameters: Striker NFTs have six types of parameters (OFFENSE, DEFENSE, TECHNIC, POWER, SPEED, STAMINA) that play a crucial role in the game. They can be improved with training and striker fusion.
  • Captain Skills: Each Striker NFT has a captain skill. When forming a team, one striker is designated as captain, and only their captain skill is activated. Captain skills can also be strengthened by striker fusion.
  • Level: There’s an ‘Auto LvUP’ that goes up one by one until Lv50, and ‘Additional LvUP’ that can be executed by spending $AGOS. The ‘Additional LvUP’ can go up to 100, but it is yet to be implemented.
  • Race: Currently, there are six races (Demon, Ancient, Warrior, Fighter, Dwarf, Flight) available for Striker NFTs, which can sometimes increase parameters based on compatibility.
  • Growth Trends: There are four patterns (Genius, Late Maturing, Balanced, Precocious) for parameter growth by leveling up. The Genius type is the most superior, occurring only 1% of the time, while the other types each occur 33% of the time.
  • Number of Striker Fusions: This indicates the number of times a striker has been fused.

What is Striker Fusion?

Striker Fusion involves using two owned Striker NFTs to create a stronger striker. The striker you wish to enhance (main NFT) stays, while the other (sub NFT) is burnt.

The maximum number of striker fusions is seven times. There tends to be an increase in fusion costs for strikers that have participated in many matches and earned more $LUMP.

The main NFT match count is reset by Striker Fusion. After the fusion, the striker returns from retirement, and the injury count is also reset.


Items can be purchased in the NFT marketplace with $MATIC, or occasionally dropped after matches.

Each deck (team of four Striker NFTs) can equip one item, with plans to increase the number of equipable items in the future. Like strikers, items have a usage limit. After its effect has been activated five times, it can no longer be equipped to the deck. Fusion is also possible with items, and items that can no longer be equipped can be used for fusion.

About the Cryptocurrency in MetaStrikers

MetaStrikers utilizes two types of cryptocurrency: $AGOS and $LUMP.

$LUMP, which can be spent within the game, is limited to what you have earned in-game. $LUMP obtained from external sources, such as DEX, cannot be sent into the game. However, both $AGOS and $MATIC can be sent from outside into the game.


$AGOS is the governance token of MetaStrikers. It can be obtained within the game and, by staking it, you can get veAGOS. Use cases for $AGOS include official match rewards, ranking rewards, Additional LvUP costs, parameter redistribution costs, additional meeting expenses, and BGM unlock (planned for app implementation only).


$LUMP is a utility token used within the game and can only be obtained in-game. Its use cases include rewards for practice matches and official matches, and costs for Striker Fusion.

Getting Started with MetaStrikers

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started with MetaStrikers, a game that can be played on your browser, whether on your phone or computer.

Step 1: Account Creation

First, access the MetaStrikers homepage, select “Play Now”, then “Start”. You can log in with your email address and password. If you haven’t created an account yet, select “Here” to create one.

Step 2: Language Selection


The default language is English, so let’s change it to others. From the bottom menu, select “OTHER” then “Language”, and change it to others.

Step 3: Wallet Connection


Next, select the wallet symbol at the top right. Select “FUNDING” → “CONNECT WALLET” to connect your wallet, such as MetaMask.

Step 4: Purchase Striker NFTs


Next, purchase four Striker NFTs from the “MARKET” in the bottom menu. You can choose from user-sold items or capsules, which give you random Strikers.

When purchasing in the marketplace, be aware of injuries and retirement. Striker NFTs retire after three injuries. Usually, cheaply sold NFTs are either retired or have sustained two injuries. Even if there are few injuries, once the number of matches played exceeds 26, the chance of injury significantly increases to 25%. Therefore, you should always check the number of injuries and matches played before purchasing.

Regarding capsule purchases, Common Strikers appear 90% of the time, and Uncommon 10% of the time. Each capsule is sold for 50 MATIC, and you need 200 MATIC to get four Strikers.

How to Earn with MetaStrikers

Once you have created a deck with four Striker NFTs, you can participate in both cost-free practice matches and cost-incurring official matches. The matches are scheduled in UTC and consist of six rounds, each lasting two hours. Initially, every player can participate in three matches per day.

During practice matches, $LUMP and items are dropped. The higher the rarity of the Striker, the larger the amount of $LUMP you can obtain. Items are dropped regardless of the match outcome. Additionally, hitting the jackpot may result in bigger rewards than usual.

In official matches, in addition to rewards similar to practice matches, a certain amount of $AGOS is allocated for each round, forming the basis of the rewards. The higher the participation fee, the greater the $AGOS rewards.


MetaStrikers is an NFT game conceptualized by Keisuke Honda, a former Japanese national soccer team player, who serves as the General Manager, with the aim of building a sustainable ecosystem.

Amidst the many volatile and less trustworthy NFT games, I believe MetaStrikers offers relatively better sustainability.

I hope this article proves to be helpful.

Game Title MetaStrikers
Genre PVP
Blockchain Polygon
Minimum Investment  200MATIC(For new purchase)
Supported models iOS, Android, PC
Official Site
Official Twitter
Official Discord

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