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gods unchained

Gods Unchained Review | Tokens(Crypto) Ranks, Mobile, etc.

What kind of game is Gods Unchained? You are wondering if you can earn money.

Gods Unchained is a PvP trading card game with a great reputation for its strategy.

It also offers a prize pool and is expected to become a popular esports game in the future.

In this article, I, an actual Gods Unchained player, will explain the features of the game, how to earn money, and how to get started.

Please refer to it.

Gods Unchained has also been selected for the following summary article.

~Latest News from Gods Unchained~

You can get 10 $GODS tokens by playing Gods Unchained at the link below.

The terms and conditions are as follows

  • Create a Gods Unchained account(Enter “mvwLEBDhOE” in Referral Code)
  • Reach Rank 6 (Astral Meteorite)
  • Have a valid wallet linked to Gods Unchained and Immutable X

Rewards are paid on the first Wednesday of every month.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a TCG (trading card game) about building tactics and winning battles, and it is also a “play-to-earn” game where you can earn money by playing.

The cards used in the game are (or can be made into) NFTs, allowing you to monetize the rare cards you own by selling them through the marketplace.

The game is free to play even if you do not own NFTs.

The game is won by players building decks with different tactics and reducing their opponents’ 30 life points to 0.

There are currently six different deck attributes. Each attribute will have different card abilities and tactics.

Each God of each attribute represents 30 life points. Gods can use a power called God Power once per turn.

The game’s content and rules are similar to those of Yu-Gi-Oh,  Hearthstone, Shadowverse and Duel Masters in some respects, and is especially recommended for those who have enjoyed card games before.

  • Game Title : Gods Unchained
  • Blockchain : Ethereum + ImmutableX
  • Game Token : $GODS
  • Initial Investment : 0~
  • Required in advance : Wallet compatible with Ethereum

About Mobile Support

As of January 2023, Gods Unchained can be played using a PC, such as Windows or Mac. You can download and install an application for your computer to play against it.

The game has beautiful graphics and a high quality control screen, but it also requires some computer specs.

However, “Gods Unchained” will be compatible with iOS, Android and other mobile devices.

The official release date and other details are still unknown, but according to the above Twitter and official blog, development seems to be progressing steadily.

~cara bermain~

About cards and decks

First, we will explain the basic specifications of the cards and decks.

Card Specifications


  • DOMAIN: Represents the 6 attributes (God). The cards that can be used depend on the attribute you have chosen at the beginning. There are also Neutral cards that can be included in all decks that do not have any of these attributes.
  • MANA COST: Mana cost required to play a card. Cards with high mana cost will be difficult to play until the end of the battle.
  • SET: The pack or campaign in which the card is included.
  • TRIBE: Some cards have effects that can be activated only by the tribe.
  • STRENGTH: Attack power. The amount of damage you can inflict on your opponent’s creatures and life points.
  • HEALTH: This is the creature’s life. If the number here reaches 0, the creature is destroyed.
  • RARITY: Common<Rare<Epic<Legendary<Mythic, the higher the rarity, the stronger the card.
  • CARD QUALITY: There are several types of the same card: PLAN<METEORITE<SHADOW<GOLD<DIAMOND, the higher the quality, the rarer the card. The higher the quality, the more rewards you will receive in Daily Rewards.

Types of Cards

There are three types of cards: reliquaries, creatures, and spells.


Relic gods unchained

A weapon is a weapon that can directly inflict damage or effects on the battlefield. Relics can have a variety of effects that can be used to gain an advantage in battle. In the case of a Relic, the lower left corner is its Strength and the lower right corner is its Durability. Depending on the card, when attacking a creature with a weapon, Durability is reduced by 1, and the creature is able to deal damage equivalent to its attack power. However, you will take direct damage to your life points for the attack power of the opponent creature.


creature gods unchained

Creatures are cards that do battle on the battlefield. There is strength in the lower left corner and health in the lower right corner. Basically, you can summon a creature by paying the required mana cost in the upper left corner.

Depending on the creature’s strength, you can reduce the health of your opponent’s creature, or your opponent’s life points. If the lower right Health becomes 0, you can destroy the opponent’s creature. However, when attacking, the attacked creature’s Strength must be taken by the attacked creature’s Health.


spell gods unchained

Spells are magic cards used to advance the game.

They can enhance a creature’s strength, reduce the health of an opponent’s creature, destroy it, etc. A variety of magic cards exist

Deck Specifications

The following are some of the rules that are essential for building a deck

  • Select the attributes (God) of the deck
  • Select 30 cards
  • No more than 2 cards are the same
  • No more than 1 Legendary card

About God Domain

gods domain

The deck is divided into the following six domains.

There are cards that can only be used in each attribute and each has its own God Power; God Power is one of three types at the beginning of the game, and may be used once per turn.

  1. Nature
  2. Light
  3. War
  4. Magic
  5. Death
  6. Deception


The Nature deck has the concept of strengthening creatures while restoring their health.

Since there are many cards that increase attack power, it is possible to build a relatively balanced deck.

This attribute is recommended for beginners because it is advantageous in the short to mid game.

Nature God Power

Nature god power

  • Selena’s Mark(1 mana)
  • Flourish(1 mana)
  • Animal Bond(2 mana)

*God Power is subject to change.



It is a way to stand in the way of your opponent’s creatures by destroying them with magic cards, while not allowing them to gain a foothold.

Since there are many ways to increase the number of cards in your hand, it is easy to build more diverse tactics during the battle.

The key is to increase your own hand and tactics while destroying your opponent’s tactics.

There is a romanticism that can create an overwhelming development from the middle to the end of the game.

Magic God Power

Magic god power

  • Clear Mind(1 mana)
  • Magebolt(2 mana)
  • Pallas’ Genius(3 mana)


It is characterized by high attack performance and fast offensive speed.

It has many abilities to break down the enemy’s defenses, allowing it to win battles quickly.

Because of its advantage in short-term battles, this domain is recommended for beginners.

War God Power

War god power

  • Enrage(1 mana)
  • Slayer(2 mana)
  • Valka’s Presence(2 mana)



This deck gains a large advantage by reversing seemingly disadvantageous methods such as destroying creatures or reducing life.

The key is to make good use of card effects.

Death God Power

Death god power

  • Soul Burn(1 mana)
  • Blood Ritual(2 mana)
  • Neferu’s Sacrifice(3 mana)



It is highly defensive and can get around with powerful creatures in the second half of the game.

The key is to defend and take the fight to the long term.

Light God Power

light god power

  • Heal(2 mana)
  • Summon Acolyte(3 mana)
  • Lysander’s Honor(2 mana)


Deception is the most tactically deep attribute. It allows you to fight by stealing your opponent’s cards.

Among the six domains, this is the most difficult to master, and the cards that form the core of the deck tend to command high prices on the market.

Deception God Power

Deception god power

  • Thievery(2 mana)
  • Flip(2 mana)
  • Orfeo’s DIstraction(2 mana)

Gods Unchained Cryptocurrency


Gods Unchained has GODS tokens ($GODS) as governance tokens.

The token is ERC20.

$GODS is primarily used for buying and selling in the marketplace, forging (see below), staking (not yet implemented), and governance voting rights (not yet implemented).

How to earn money at Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained offers four basic ways to monetize.

  • Reach Rank 6 and receive 10 $GODS gift
  • Earn $GODS tokens and packs during weekend ranked matches (limited time)
  • Earn Core Cards in-game, then Forge and sell them on the market
  • Earn daily with Daily Rewards

10 $GODS gift for reaching rank 6

You can get 10 $GODS by playing Gods Unchained at the link below.

The terms and conditions are as follows

  • Create a Gods Unchained account(Enter “mvwLEBDhOE” in Referral Code)
  • Reach Rank 6 (Astral Meteorite)
  • Have a valid wallet linked to Gods Unchained and Immutable X

Rewards are paid on the first Wednesday of every month.

What is Rank?

In Gods Unchained’s PvP (Weekend Ranked), there are ranks that fluctuate based on wins and losses.

There are 12 ranks in total.

  • Rusted Bronze
  • Purified Bronze
  • Rusted Iron
  • Purified Iron
  • Impact Meteorite
  • Astral Meteorite
  • Twilight Shadow
  • Midnight Shadow
  • Auric Gold
  • Solar Gold
  • Ethereal Diamond
  • Mythic

Earn $GODS tokens and packs at the weekend ranked matches (limited time)

Week Events are held every weekend. During Week Events, you can win card packs based on the number of wins.

Expansion packs are sold as part of the season, such as Divine Order and Genesis, are NFT cards and can be sold in the marketplace immediately after acquisition.

The rewards you will receive will depend on your rank and number of victories. If you want to know more details, please refer to the following table published by Gods Unchained Officials.

Earn Core Cards in-game, then Forge and Sell them on the Market


In Gods Unchained, core cards can be obtained at times when player levels increase or during weekend ranked matches.

These core cards cannot be bought and sold as is, but can be bought and sold by utilizing the Forge feature.

Specifically, you can upgrade a core card by spending a number of the same core card + Flex (available in-game) + $GODS (available in-game).

You can earn money by selling these cards on marketplaces such as ImmutableX.

Earn daily with Daily Rewards

Gods Unchained has implemented Daily Rewards starting August 31, 2022.

The daily rewards will be distributed from the prize pool according to the number of FRAGMENT available for winning the first 10 matches of each day.

The distribution of FRAGMENT depends not only on winning more at higher ranks, but also on the quality of the cards.

The more Diamond cards you play with in your deck, the more FRAGMENT you will receive.


How much money did you make at Gods Unchained? What was your initial investment?

I started playing Gods Unchained with no money, and although the game has changed now, in the past Gods Unchained had a campaign where you could earn card packs and $GODS by playing at least 20 ranked matches each week.

Players could earn $GODS by completing 20, 40, or 60 matches each week.

At one point, I was able to earn approximately 12 $GODS for every 60 games I played each week. At that time, one token was about 5 USD, so if I achieved 240 matches per month, I could earn nearly 250 USD.

It is still possible to get card packs at the weekend ranked matches. If you win good cards there and sell them on the market, you may be able to make a big profit.

I have won cards worth 150 USD in the past.

Gods Unchained is simply a fun game, so it is best to have fun and be lucky if you win a good card.

gods unchained gold

In addition, Daily Rewards have now been launched. Although not that many rewards can be expected, it is recommended for beginners as they can easily earn tokens with zero initial investment.

Daily Rewards rewards vary depending on rank and card rarity, but can range from around 1 GODS per day to 4 GODS or more for those who earn the most.

However, as of January 2022, the price of $GODS is about $0.23, so it will generate considerably less revenue.

How to get started with Gods Unchained

This section explains how to play Gods Unchained.

  1. Register an account
  2. Download
  3. Start Tutorial
  4. Participate in Ranked Tournament

STEP1: Register an account


Click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” from the official Gods Unchained website to register an account.

  • Email
  • Password
  • Username
  • Referral Code (or none): mvwLEBDhOE

and select “CREATE ACCOUNT” with a check mark in the “I want~” box.


Click on the link in the email sent to your registered email address to complete the process.

STEP2: Download


After creating an account, login from the top right corner and download and install the application to play the game from “DOWNLOAD”.

Launch the application and login with your Gods Unchained account (email address and password).

STEP3: Start Tutorial


First, a tutorial will be given. A simple battle will begin and you will learn about the rules.

The tutorial goes up to Mission 6, where you will learn about the rules while using all 6 decks. You will also receive a pack for each mission.

Recommended initial settings


If your computer does not have sufficient specs or is running too slow, you can lower the VIDEO setting by clicking on the settings symbol in the upper right corner.

STEP4: Participate in Ranked Competitions


Once you have completed the tutorial, join the Ranked Competitions!

Week events will be held every weekend. The more wins you have, the more rare card packs you can get.

About Battles, Rules, and How to Play

From here, the rules of battle and play will be explained.


Before the battle begins, a God Power is selected, and each of the six attributes has its own unique abilities.

For example, War’s “Enrage” strengthens the chosen creature’s Strength by 1 and reduces its Health by 1. This gives you an advantage when attacking your opponent.

God Power may be used once each turn; choose one of the three and select “CONFIRM”.


Next, select the first cards in your hand. You can change it by selecting the cards you do not need and clicking “REPLACE”. Once you have your ideal hand, click “KEEP THIS HAND” without selecting any cards.

You can only change the cards in your hand up to three times.

The field is designed as follows. Basic cards can be used by dragging and dropping or selecting the target.

battle gods unchained

This section describes the basics of battles.

  1. Cards in hand: Your initial hand starts with 3 cards and you can have up to 9 cards. Draw one card from the deck at the beginning of your turn.
  2. Life Points: Life points start at 30. You win when you reduce your opponent’s life points to zero.
  3. God’s Power: God’s Power is an ability that can be used once per turn. Different domains have different Gods Power characteristics.
  4. Relic: Equipping a Relic (weapon) allows you to use card-holding abilities, such as destroying an opponent’s creatures or reducing life points.
  5. Mana: When you use a card, there is a mana cost. By using mana from the mana zone, you can summon creatures or use magic cards; mana increases by 1 per turn, but the more mana you have, the slower it increases to 1 mana every 2 turns or 1 mana every 3 turns. The mana used is fully restored at the beginning of your turn.
  6. Battle Zone: You can summon creatures and battle them. You can summon up to 6 creatures.
  7. Turns: Turns are turned in the direction the arrow is pointing. You can end your turn by pressing the arrow.
  8. Graveyard: Destroyed or used cards go to the graveyard.


The mana available per turn basically increases as follows

  1. 1 mana
  2. 2 mana
  3. 3 mana
  4. 4 mana
  5. 5 mana
  6. 5 mana
  7. 6 mana
  8. 6 mana
  9. 7 mana
  10. 7 mana
  11. 7 mana
  12. 8 mana
  13. 8 mana
  14. 8 mana
  15. 8 mana
  16. 9 mana


In addition, the preceding may use one “Small Bag of Tricks” and the following may use three “Small Bag of Tricks”. This card can be used only once per turn to increase mana. The amount of mana that can be increased is basically one mana, but it depends on the slot. For example, if you want to increase mana from 5 to 6, you need a slot for 2 turns, so you can use “Small Bag of Tricks” after one turn with 5 mana to get 6 mana.

Creatures have a mana cost, Strength, and Health.

For example, the card shown in the figure has Strength 1 in the lower left corner and Health 2 in the lower right corner. It can be summoned by paying the mana cost 1 in the upper left corner.

creature step

Except for creatures with Blitz, creatures cannot attack immediately after summoning and go to sleep. 1 turn later the creature can attack.

To attack or perform magic, select and drag the card to be used, then drop the displayed chain on the opponent creature or God.

click the arrow on the right side can end the turn.


In Gods Unchained, there is a parameter called Favor, which starts at 0 and gains 1 in the first turn, 2 in the second turn, and 3 in subsequent turns by performing the following specific actions

  • Attack the opponent’s God (life points)
  • Destroy an enemy creature
  • Creature survives an attack in combat and the attacking creature is destroyed

Favor accumulated can be exchanged for cards. You can add cards to your hand by selecting a card from the pop-up on the right and choosing “SPEND FAVOR”.

Basic Card Capabilities

Cards have a variety of abilities. The following is a description of basic card abilities.

  • Burn: At the end of the turn, creatures that are burned are dealt the amount of damage they were burned for.
  • Confused: 50% chance to attack a selected target; 50% chance to attack another random enemy creature.
  • Deadly: Can be destroyed if it deals any damage to an opponent creature.
  • Hidden: The creature will not be attacked by enemy creatures while this effect is in effect.
  • Roar: When a creature is summoned, certain effects are triggered.
  • Regen: At the end of the turn, the creature will regain its health equal to the number of regen.
  • Blitz: After summoning, the creature can attack enemy creatures immediately.
  • Frontline: As long as Frontline is present, your opponent cannot attack your other creatures or God’s life points.
  • Backline: The backline cannot be attacked until all his other creatures are destroyed.
  • Afterlife: When a creature is destroyed and moved to the graveyard, the effect is triggered.
  • Flank: The front and back lines can attack, negating the effects of the opponent’s front and back lines.
  • Ward: Prevents attack from magic card only once.
  • Protected: Negates the attack from the opponent only once.
  • Ability: When you attack, you can activate the effect that the card has.
  • Sleep: You cannot attack for 1 turn.
  • Refresh: Allows you to regain spent mana.
  • Leech: Regain life points for damage dealt.
  • Overkill: Deals damage to another opponent’s creature or God for the extra attack when you kill a creature.
  • Echo: When played, a similar card is added to your hand.
  • Order: Freeze for the number of turns indicated.

Wallet Connection and Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

From here, we will explain how to deposit and withdraw crypto currency and connect to your wallet.

Gods Unchained uses the Layer 2 solution Immutable X.

Connect your Gods Unchained account to your wallet


First, connect your crypto currency wallet to your Gods Unchained account.

Log in to the Gods Unchained app or in your browser and select “Manage Wallets”.


Connect to a virtual currency wallet through “Add wallet.”

For beginners, we recommend using MetaMask, which is basically the most popular.


All you have to do is follow the pop-up. Set your MetaMask network settings to ethereum mainnet. The default setting is ethereum mainnet.

How to Deposit and Withdraw


Deposits and withdrawals are made via Immutable X. Connect to your wallet via “Connect Wallet” in Immutable X.


You will need to go back and forth from Immutable X to Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Mainnet to Immutable X.

Deposit Method

You can send crypto currency to Immutable X via ethereum mainnet or credit card from “Add funds”.

Withdrawal Method

You can send crypto currency from “Withdraw” to the ethereum mainnet.



Building a deck from a fairly large number of cards can be challenging.

For those who are interested, we recommend the website GUDecks, where you can check the statistics of Gods Unchained first.

From “Meta,” you can see which God Power, decks, cards, etc. have the highest winning percentage. You can also see all the decks of the top ranking players.

Check your own rewards


GUDecks is also useful for checking your own rewards: go to META→PLAYER STATS and search for your username.

From Weekend Rewards, you can see your rewards from the weekend ranked matches.


Gods Unchained is an interesting card game that allows you to build up a variety of tactics.

You can play the game for free, so you can try it for free first, and if you like it, you can purchase cards to strengthen your deck.

Since it is free to play and you can learn a lot about the marketplace, it is a good introductory game for those who are new to playing blockchain games.

If this article has piqued your interest, we encourage you to give Gods Unchained a try.

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