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champions ascension

Champions Ascension NFT(Crypto) Review | Gameplay

“Champions Ascension” is a gladiator battle game developed by Plai Labs, led by famous entrepreneurs Josh Yguado and Chris DeWolfe. The game’s main content is intense PvP battles. In this article, we will discuss the features of Champions Ascension, reasons to recommend it, and how to get started. Please use this as a reference.

Champions Ascension has also been selected for the following summary article.

What is Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is an AAA quality gladiator battle game, with PvP as the main content, developed by the blockchain division of Jam City led by Josh Yguado and Chris DeWolfe. The game is currently operated by Plai Labs, a new company. Josh Yguado and Chris DeWolfe are the founders of MySpace, a music-oriented SNS that was popular in the past.

The founders have established the following companies:

  • MySpace: A music-oriented SNS that was popular in the past and was sold to News Corporation for $580 million in 2005.
  • Jam City: A large game company with more than $3 billion in total sales and over 1.3 billion cumulative game installs, with many successful case studies.
  • Plai Labs: The company currently operating Champions Ascension, which has successfully raised $32 million in funding.

Champions Ascension is being developed with the backing of abundant financial and development resources. You can watch gameplay footage below.

Players can explore the map while controlling their own unique character NFT (Champion) with individual abilities, and enjoy battles, crafting, breeding, land ownership, market, staking, mini-games, and more. It can be played on a wide range of platforms including web, PC, and mobile.


There are various types of NFTs in Champions Ascension, including Champion NFT, Weapon NFT, Land NFT, and Pet NFT.

Champion NFT


Champion NFTs are the most important NFTs in the game, representing the player’s avatar. Players control their Champion NFT to battle with other players’ Champion NFTs and earn tokens and other rewards.

Champion NFTs are divided into four grades:



Higher grade Champion NFTs have better abilities and can access more areas in the game. They also earn more tokens. Gladiator and Challenger NFTs can be evolved into Eternals, but there are only 7,622 Prime Eternals in existence, which can only be purchased on the marketplace.

To evolve Champion NFTs, players need tokens and game resources.


Champion NFTs have six classes and twelve races, composed of various parts and essences that affect gameplay, such as battle compatibility. Essences have advantages and disadvantages, which are an important part of the game’s combat rules.


Each essence corresponds to a “House,” and each House (and its Champion) competes against each other.


Each Champion has six functional and aesthetic “Parts,” which can be possessed in random combinations. Each part has its own unique status and contributes to the Champion’s overall stats and abilities in different ways. Champions have five functional parts, with one part always being suppressed. However, all six parts of the genetic code are present, and the hidden (or recessive) parts can be inherited when breeding new Champions.


Eternals and Gladiators can be used to breed new Challengers by combining the genes of two Champions in the same tier and $ESSENCE (or an equal number of Essence Crystals). A small amount of gold is also required to complete the forging. The breeding process takes a short amount of time, during which players will temporarily be unable to participate in other activities that require interaction with the chain.

Players can earn fees by offering their Eternals and Gladiator Champions to other players who want to use them. The fee can be set freely in gold or other marketplace currencies. There must be space in the breeding slot for a Champion to be lent out as a partner.


Owners can offer their Champions to other players to play in exchange for gold or other conditions specified by the owner. For example, the owner can set the rental period, require the borrower to mint a specific number of crystals and transfer them to the owner before minting crystals for themselves, and set the maximum number of mintable crystals during the rental period.

Initially, Champion rental is only available for Prime Eternals, but eventually, Champions from other tiers will also be able to participate in the rental program.

Weapon NFT


Champions come equipped with default weapons and armor, but players can craft and upgrade tradeable weapons and armor. Resources like BONE, obtained from PvP/PvE battles, mining, and quests, are necessary for crafting weapons and armor. By using resources like BONE, players can create new weapons and armor, and higher-level blacksmiths allow for more customization.


The Bonesmith is a crafting NPC that players can visit to create specific weapons and armor in exchange for required parts and a small amount of gold. While these craftable weapons and armor are useful in battle, players who want to add decorative elements to their gear need to use a forge managed by the player. Players can use BONE obtained from various in-game activities to cast “Bone Components” and create weapons and armor.


The forge is a crafting station owned by the player that allows for the creation of the same weapons and armor as the Bonesmith, but with the added benefit of cosmetic customization. By using the forge to create weapons and armor of a particular style, the forge’s level increases, allowing for higher levels of cosmetic variation for that type of gear. However, the forge has an XP limit for leveling up, so players must decide whether to make a forge capable of producing a few unique items or more items with poorer cost-effectiveness.

Costume upgrades for weapons and armor may require additional resources during the crafting process, such as the need for DIAMOND to craft a diamond costume gear. Prime Eternals holders with specific privileges can receive periodic drops of DIAMONDs that can be used for crafting.


Players can visit the Osteomancer to exchange unwanted weapons and armor for a chance to forge new gear with randomly generated features. While the Osteomancer is a method for obtaining unique gear, it is unpredictable and comes with risks. Players can own this gear and use it to increase their chances of victory in gameplay or sell it on the marketplace.

Land NFT


Players who own land can build buildings on it, such as houses, shops, forges, and mines. These buildings can be used to meet the needs of the player or the local community. To build these buildings, players need to purchase limited edition building blueprint NFTs. Building construction requires time and resources. After construction, the building owner can choose to make it public or keep it private.

In the world of Massiah, players can own and use “Sanctioned” land exclusively for themselves, while “Neutral” land can be used by anyone for resource development. Prime Eternal holders have the privilege of competing for the first drop of “Sanctioned” land in the Grand Tournament, which is only open to Prime Eternals. After the tournament, any unclaimed land will be under Plai Labs’ management. As new resources become available, players can expect various land certificates to become available. To create a land certificate NFT, players need to have $MASSINA and a specified amount of gold.

Blueprint NFTs are required to construct various buildings such as defense facilities, mines, forges, shops, UGC towers, and dungeons. To create a blueprint NFT, players need to consume $MASSINA and a small amount of gold. During the construction process, the blueprint NFT and required resources will be consumed.

Players can scout and mine resource nodes on both “Sanctioned” and “Neutral” land. However, resource nodes on “Neutral” land may be contested by other players. To protect resources, players can build mines, outposts, and defense facilities. Additionally, players can collaborate to harvest and protect resource nodes or even capture nodes from opponents.


Pets are an essential part of a Champion’s ecosystem and a fun way for players to accessorize their favorite champions. Each pet provides basic battle utility and buffs, allowing players to deepen their combat strategies. During battles, pets can perform up to three basic enhancements:

  • Champion Family: When the pet’s favorite family matches the equipped champion, it provides a small bonus to damage and health.
  • Champion Essence: When the pet’s house matches the equipped champion, it provides a small bonus to FOT effectiveness.
  • Pet Type: Each pet type has a unique passive ability.

Pets can also be customized with costume items that players can acquire in the game.

Tokens (cryptocurrency)

Champions Ascension has planned four virtual currencies and in-game tokens as follows:

  • $BONE

In addition to the above, there are also plans to issue other tokens.



This is an in-game currency that can be obtained by defeating opponents in main PvP and some mini-games. All champions have an Essence meter, which is filled up when the player earns $ESSENCE in gameplay. The meter has a limit, but it increases every time a champion levels up. Champions have a daily limit on how much $ESSENCE they can earn. After reaching the cap or filling up the Essence meter completely, champions can continue playing but will no longer earn $ESSENCE. Players can use their accumulated $ESSENCE to level up and train their champions. Additionally, players can mint Essence Crystal NFTs using $ESSENCE (and a small amount of gold). Essence Crystals can be used to progress the game or mint other NFTs and can also be traded in-game or on the marketplace.


$BONE is an in-game currency obtained by battling in PvE mode or harvesting champions defeated in PvP. All champions have a Bone meter that fills up when the player earns $BONE in gameplay, and the meter’s limit increases with the champion’s level. $BONE can be obtained in PvE combat or by harvesting the corpses of defeated champion NFTs in battle. The player can convert champion corpses into $BONE and $ESSENCE using a Butcher. In the near future, players will be able to use $BONE to craft equipment for their champions. Players can mint Bone Components and combine them with specific recipes to create weapons and armor. Additionally, using Bone Components that match the recipe of a weapon or armor allows for more efficient repair of the item. As champions battle in PvP and PvE mode, their weapons and armor degrade over time. Players can use the accumulated $BONE in their Bone meter to repair damaged equipment. Damaged equipment can still be used but is less effective (reduced to at least 25% of its peak effectiveness). Armor loses effectiveness as it wears out, while weapons become less sharp and do less damage. The amount of $BONE required for repairs and sharpening depends on the degree of item wear and the type of weapon or armor.


Depending on the game mode, champions may face death. Not all game modes result in death, so each player must assess the risk and make appropriate decisions. Every time a champion dies, the player must start over with a new champion. However, there are benefits to a champion’s death. Champion deaths serve two important roles in the in-game economy.

Population control

They help control the increase in the champion population in response to demand. Too many champions can increase the likelihood of death during combat.

New options through death

Champion deaths unlock new options for players to choose from.

  • Players can use Writs of Ascension to resurrect champions by paying gold.
  • Players can harvest bodies at the Butcher and collect $BONE and $ESSENCE to use in-game.
  • Players can bring bodies to the Ascension Tower to consecrate them for use in the ascension process.

Death is permanent but occurs only in specific limited situations. Players can choose to avoid such combats when they know their assets are at risk. However, those who choose to take the risk are rewarded handsomely. Certain game modes that offer attractive rewards also have a chance of death upon defeat.

Soul State to Corpse

After being killed, champions are in the “Soul State” for a short time. They can be revived by a Necromancer’s beast. To revive a dead champion, players must pay a certain amount of gold and, optionally, use Writs of Ascension. The price of revival is linked to the champion’s current level and remaining income. Revived champions fully recover their combat abilities, but the process may leave a Maiax mark on them. The mark is added to the champion’s metadata and contains hidden techniques. Champions with a mark become sterile but can ascend to become Eternals, revealing the mark and receiving unique techniques that cannot be obtained in any other way. The probability and gold price increase every time a champion is revived. After the Soul State period ends, the champion’s metadata is automatically updated and becomes a corpse. The champion’s appearance is obscured, but the family, house, and tier attributes remain. All other stats become invalid, and new characteristics indicating that the champion is a corpse are added.


With the Butcher’s help, players can convert champion corpses into $BONE and $ESSENCE, which can be used to craft weapons and armor or upgrade other champions. When a champion’s body is collected, it can be burned on a chain. The amount of $Bone and $Essence generated by a champion depends on their Tier (for $Bone) and the contents of their meter at death (for $Essence). The Butcher can also serve as a temporary bank, storing $Bone and $Essence from harvested corpses until the player chooses to distribute them among their other champions. Players can choose which of their other champions to allocate these resources to.


$MASSINA is a valuable in-game resource that can be used for purchasing and cultivating land. Only the top-tier NFT Prime Eternals can generate $MASSINA on their own land, and players can acquire it by participating in the game or hosting specific types of events. $MASSINA can be used for various purposes, such as minting land certificate NFTs or blueprint NFTs, and maintaining buildings.


Similar to $MASSINA, $DIAMOND can be acquired by staking Prime Eternals. It can be used to obtain Diamond Gear items that are only available through $DIAMOND.

Why should you play Champions Ascension?

Champions Ascension is a high-quality PvP NFT game, but what are the specific benefits of playing it? Our site focuses on the following points:

  1. Founded by a CEO with a track record of success
  2. High potential for long-term sustainability
  3. High game quality

Founded by a CEO with a track record of success

The founders of Champions Ascension have established the following companies:

  • My Space: A music-oriented SNS that became popular and was sold to News Corporation for $580 million in 2005.
  • Jam City: A major game company with over $3 billion in sales and more than 1.3 billion game installs. They have a track record of successful projects.
  • Plai Labs: The company that currently operates Champions Ascension and has successfully raised $32 million in funding.

They have abundant financial and development resources to support the game’s development. As a result, they are less likely to resort to excessive monetization and can be expected to operate the game steadily. Development has steadily progressed since the alpha version, and the progress can be trusted.

High potential for long-term sustainability

If you own NFTs of “Prime Eternals,” which are currently sold on marketplaces such as Opensea, you can earn tokens through staking in the future. It is unclear how these tokens will be launched, but if they are listed and the price fluctuates, it is less likely to experience sudden spikes and drops due to the game being operated by a solid company like Champions Ascension. Tokens tend to decline in price when the supply increases, and it is difficult to avoid this fact. However, if the game continues for a relatively long time, the period in which you can earn passive income through staking becomes relatively long, and it is possible to expect a profit that exceeds the purchase price of the Prime Eternals.

High game quality

Judging from the development capabilities of the company and the game’s world view, Champions Ascension is expected to be a very interesting game. We participated in the alpha test and found that the game quality surpassed that of other NFT games. Additionally, Champions Ascension was built using cloud-scale technology, and can support an unlimited number of users without performance degradation. Therefore, the game is likely to offer a comfortable user experience.

How to start Champions Ascension

Here’s a guide on how to purchase the NFTs for Champions Ascension for those who want to get started with the game. First and foremost, you’ll need ETH (Ethereum) to purchase NFTs.

  1. Purchase Ethereum
  2. Send Ethereum to MetaMask
  3. Purchase NFT on OpenSea
  4. Access the official website


After sending Ethereum to MetaMask, purchase the NFT on OpenSea.


Connect MetaMask and purchase the NFT.


Finally, download the game from the official website and start playing.


In summary, Champions Ascension is a high-quality PvP NFT game with several benefits to playing, such as having founders with successful track records in the gaming industry, a high potential for long-term sustainability, and excellent game quality. To get started, you’ll need to purchase ETH, send it to your MetaMask wallet, buy NFTs on Opensea, and download the game from the official website. By playing Champions Ascension, you’ll have the opportunity to earn valuable in-game resources such as MASSINA and DIAMOND, participate in exciting events, and potentially generate passive income through staking. Overall, it’s a game worth checking out for NFT and gaming enthusiasts alike.

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