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TwitFi NFT(Crypto: TWT) Review | Tweet to Earn

TwitFi is getting a lot of attention as a Tweet-to-Earn where you can earn money by tweeting.

This article explains how to earn and get started with TwitFi and the crypto currency $TWT.

Please refer to it.

TwitFi 2.0 launched on January 22 at 8 p.m. with several changes to the specifications.

  • The amount of TWT earned for virus infection
  • The consumption of TWT
  • Mint cost
  • Addition of item herbs
  • TWT consumption of upgrades
  • Item beans and refreshing water

and other changes.

Another product under Tweet to Earn is ByTen. For articles related to ByTen, please see here.

What is TwitFi?

what is twitfi?

TwitFi is a web3 social networking service with a GameFi functionality.

Users who hold NFTs featuring bird designs will tweet on Twitter with TwitFi earns in-game tokens that can be used in-game or cashed in for profit.

  • Game Title: TwitFi
  • Genre: Tweet-to-Earn
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Game Token: $TWT
  • Initial investment: 0.1 ETH *Free to play
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, PC

$TWT Token

twt token

TwitFi only handles $TWT tokens.

  • Tweet Rewards
  • NFT level up
  • Purchase of items

You can use and acquire them in such ways as.

TWT tokens were listed on MEXC Global, Uniswap.

TWT Contract Address: 0xd4Df22556e07148e591B4c7b4f555a17188CF5cF

~cara bermain~

How to Earn by TwitFi

tweet to earn

Users earn TwitFi tokens (TWT) by holding Bird NFT and tweeting.

Once set up, simply tweet with hashtag #TwitFi. You can tweet from your Twitter app as usual.


Tweeting will earn $TWT after 24 hours.There are four types of NFTs: baby, chicks, pigeons, and swans. Each NFT earns a different amount of $TWT for each tweet.

To earn money by tweeting, you must purchase egg NFTs and hatch the eggs. Once hatched, the egg NFTs become bird NFTs of different rarity depending on the probability.

Type of Bird NFT Level E Level D Level C Level B Level A
Baby 5  –
Chick 50 60 80 130 220
Pigeon 55 70 100 170 300
Swan 65 85 135 250 420

TWT is required to raise the NFT level. Consuming the required amount of TWT levels up the NFT. Leveling up increases the reward of TWT.

There is a certain number of waiting days before the level-up is completed. The waiting period can be shortened by using the item “beans”.

Level Up Required TWT Amount Waiting Days
B→A 28,000 10
C→B 14,000 7
D→C 7,000 5
E→D 2,500 3

To earn money by tweeting, you must purchase egg NFTs and hatch the eggs. Once hatched, the egg NFTs become Bird NFTs of different rarity depending on the probability.

Rare egg NFTs will be sold for 0.1 ETH.

*Multiple NFTs may be purchased on a single account, up to a maximum of 10 NFTs; the amount of TWT earned will increase with the number of NFTs.

Type of Egg NFT Baby Chick Pigeon Swan
Common 99.9% 0.1% 0% 0%
Rare 0% 80% 19% 1%
Epic 0% 0% 70% 30%


To earn $TWT, you must consume a feed every time you tweet. Each tweet consumes one feed, and when it is gone, you will no longer be able to earn $TWT.

A maximum of 10 feeds are held per NFT; when 10 feeds are available, the number of feeds will not increase when replenished. If you purchase a feed box (available in the market), you can accumulate up to 50 feeds.

Bird NFT Level Feed replenishment per hour
A 2 feeds/hour
B 1 feed/hour
C 1 feed/2 hours
D 1 feed/4 hours
E 1 feed/6 hours

Viral Infection


Tweeting may cause the NFT to become infected with a virus depending on a certain probability. If infected with a virus, the amount of TWT acquired will be reduced by 2% per infection.

For example, if you normally gain 50 TWT, if you are infected 3 times, the amount of TWT you gain will be reduced by

50*2%*3 times = 3 TWT decrease

50-3 = 47 TWT will be acquired.

Viral infection does not occur in the first 10 TWT after hatching from the egg and the first 10 TWT after virus treatment.

Number of Tweets Probability of infection
1-99 2%
100-299 4%
300-599 6%
600-999 10%
1000-1499 20%
1500- 40%

The viral infection will automatically heal after 7 days. Alternatively, medication can be administered to cure it immediately. The number of medicines required depends on the level of bard NFT.

After *20 viral infections, the NFT is automatically burned.

Bird NFT Level Number of medications required
A 3
B 2
C 1
D 1
E 1

About Egg NFT’s Mint

A new Egg NFT can be spawned by preparing two Bird NFTs of level C or higher.

Minting a new egg NFT does not burn the bird NFT.

The appearance rate of each Egg NFT is affected by the level of the Bird NFT. Egg NFTs can be minted again 72 hours after minting. A bird NFT can be used for minting up to 3 times.

Bird NFT Level Rare Egg Probability Epic Egg Probability
Both are Level A 30% 70%
Both are Level B 70% 30%
Both are Level C 80% 20%

Mint costs are determined by the price of the Rare Egg NFT. Mint fees are paid from the unlocked balance.

Bird NFT Level Mint cost
Both are Level A Price of rare egg * 120%.
Either level B Price of rare egg * 60%
Either level C Price of rare egg * 60%

Minting Eggs NFT gives you a certain probability of getting beans. If either level is B, the probability is 5%; if both are A, the probability is 20%.



TwitFi offers a variety of items. Items can be used to increase $TWT rewards, such as curing viral infections or increasing the number of times you can tweet.

The cost of purchasing items and opening mystery baskets is paid from your locked balance.

Feed Box

The number of NFT feeds will be increased up to 50. You can tweet and earn $TWT as feeds are consumed, which allows you to earn more rewards than usual. Available for 1,000 TWT.

Feed boxes can also be used for NFTs in a viral infected state. In the virus-infected state, $TWT cannot be earned, but the feed will be replenished up to 50 feeds.


Medications can cure viral infections immediately and can be purchased for 500 TWT each.

The number of medicines needed depends on the level of Bird NFT.

Bird NFT Level Number of medications required
A 3
B 2
C 1
D 1
E 1

Golden Beak

Attach the Golden Beak to the NFT and the NFT will earn a reward of 24 tweets for every tweet it makes. Each tweet earns 24x the reward and consumes 24x the feed. Available for 1,200 TWT.

The gold beak loses its effect after 6 tweets.

Silver Beak

When the Silver Beak is attached to the NFT, the NFT will earn 12 tweets worth of rewards for each tweet. Each tweet earns 12x the reward and consumes 12x the feed. Available for 500 TWT.

The Silver Beak will lose its effect after 6 tweets.

White Wings

white wings

Attaching white wings allows you to earn TWT without the hashtag #TwitFi. Available for 500 TWT.

The white wings will lose their effect after 30 tweets.

Mystery Basket

Tweeting will rarely get you a Mystery Basket.

Bird NFT Level Probability of Mystery Basket
A 5%
B 4%
C 2.5%
D 2%
E 0%

The Mystery Basket contains 1,500 TWT, medicine, a gold beak, a silver beak, white wings, or refreshing water at a certain rate. 750 TWT is required to open the Mystery Basket.

The mystery basket must be opened within 72 hours.

Item Item Probability
Medication 40%
Medication×2 30%
Golden Beak 15%
1,500TWT 10%
Bean 4%
Refreshing Water 1%

Refreshing Water and Beans

Refreshing water can reduce the number of tweets to zero. It can reduce the number of tweets to zero, which increases the number of times you can earn TWT.

You can mint refreshing water by burning NFT of level C or higher. You need to pay 20,000 TWT to mint refreshing water.

Beans will reduce the time required for the next level up by 3 days.

You can mint beans by burning NFT at any level. Payment of 500 TWT is required to mint beans.


Herbs can reduce the number of viral infections.

Pink herbs reduce the number of viral infections to zero and green herbs reduce the number of viral infections by one.

To obtain the herb, you must burn one bird NFT without TWT fee. The probability of obtaining the herb depends on the level of the bird NFT you have burned.

Bird NFT Level Pink herbs green herbs
Level A 60% 40%
Level B 50% 50%
Level C 40% 60%
Level D 30% 70%

How to start TwitFi

You can get started with TwitFi by following these steps.

STEP 1. Prepare ETH

Egg NFT can be purchased with ETH (Ethereum), so have your ETH (Ethereum) ready.

Once the purchase of ETH (Ethereum) is completed, the money is transferred to the MetaMask wallet, which serves as the wallet for the crypto currency.

STEP 2. Buy Eggs NFT on the official website


Click on the official website. Connect your wallet address and Twitter account on the official site.


Once you are connected, you can purchase the egg NFT.

Rare Eggs will be sold for 0.1 ETH.

Click on “Market” to buy eggs NFT.

Type of Egg NFT Baby Chick Pigeon Swan
Common 99.9% 0.1% 0% 0%
Rare 0% 80% 19% 1%
Epic 0% 0% 70% 30%

Egg NFTs, when hatched, will become bird NFTs of different rarities depending on a certain probability.

A single account can purchase multiple NFTs, up to a maximum of 10 NFTs.

STEP 3. Hatching eggs NFT

Click on “Asset.”


Egg NFTs are hatched from “assets” to become bird NFTs.


Once you are a Bird NFT, you can earn TWT by tweeting with the tag #TwitFi.

TWT will be reflected after 24 hours.



Withdrawal of TWT Tokens

The TWT earned from tweets can be withdrawn at any time for each percentage. The remaining locked TWT percentage cannot be withdrawn for 3 months.

Bird NFT Level TWT Locking Ratio
A 70%
B 60%
C 50%
D 50%
E 50%

To withdraw TWT, click the “Withdraw” button on the Wallet page.

Enter the withdrawal amount and authorize to withdraw funds to the linked external wallet. The withdrawal fee is 50 TWT plus 5% of the amount withdrawn.

You also have a 1/3 chance of unlocking and withdrawing locked TWT; if you fail to unlock TWT, the locked TWT will disappear. You can try up to 3 times a day.

How to buy $TWT


$TWT is listed on MEXC Global.

You can prepare USDT at MEXC Glabal and exchange it for TWT.


We have explained how to start TwitFi and how to earn money.

If you are interested in starting TwitFi, please refer to this article.

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