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Chain Colosseum Phoenix NFT(Crypto) Game Review | How to Play and Earn

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is a turn-based RPG game that is deployed on the Oasys ecosystem and can be played on smartphones.

What is Chain Colosseum Phoenix?

Chain Colosseum Phoenix is a turn-based RPG.

The player selects the hero to use, taking into account the attributes and abilities of the enemy monsters that appear before him in battle.

When you win a battle, you get a treasure chest that drops randomly. Gems, therapy items, and summons can be found in the treasure chests.

There are five rarity types of treasure chests, the same as heroes. Spending more energy at one time increases the likelihood of winning a rarity treasure chest.


Hero status

The success rate and effectiveness of a hero’s actions are influenced by four different categories of attributes.

  • HP: Hero’s physical strength
  • Power: Hero’s attack power
  • Luck: Frequency and quality of treasure chests dropping
  • Efficiency: The amount of money a hero can earn

Hero Attributes

Heroes have four attributes and affinities.

  • Fire: Fire attribute is strong against wind and weak against water
  • Water: Water is strong against Fire and weak against Wind
  • Wind: Wind is strong against water and weak against fire
  • Earth: Earth is strong against all attributes

Hero Rarity

There are five different rarity classes of heroes. Individual heroes of the same rarity class may have different stats.

Rarity Min Max
Common 10 100
Uncommon 80 180
Rare 150 350
Epic 280 630
Legendary 500 1120

Level of Participation

Players can use tokens to level up their heroes. As they level up, they earn points that can be added to their character’s attributes.

Rarity Number of point increases per level
Common 40
Uncommon 60
Rare 80
Epic 100
Legendary 120

Hero Durability

Durability affects efficiency.

The higher the level or rarity of the hero, the higher the cost of restoring durability. Heroes lose durability when fighting enemy monsters.

At 50/100 durability, the hero’s efficiency drops to 90%; at 20/100 durability, the hero’s efficiency drops to 10%.

Hero Life Expectancy

Heroes have a lifespan. Their lifespan is 60 days from the day they are summoned from the Summoner’s Book.

Whether or not a hero is used in battle mode, the hero’s lifespan is reduced over time, and a hero whose lifespan has expired is disabled from combat.

When a lifespan is resurrected, the hero’s lifespan is reduced from the date of resurrection. A resurrection can be revived by consuming another hero.

Gems and Sockets

Once a hero reaches a certain level, the gem socket can be unlocked. To enhance the hero’s attributes, equip the socket with the corresponding gem.

There are four types of gemstones, and the color of each gemstone represents its attributes.

  • Yellow: HP
  • Red: Power
  • Green: Luck
  • Purple: Efficiency

Gems can be leveled up by combining three gems of the same type and level.

Each hero has four different sockets identified by colors that match the type of gemstone.

Players equip sockets with gems to enhance the attributes of their heroes. Each time a hero reaches level 5, 10, 15, or 20, one socket is unlocked for each.

The greater the rarity of the socket, the more enhanced the attributes of the inserted gemstone.

Chain Colosseum Phoenix Presale Overview and How to Participate

Pre-Sale Overview

presale overview

  • Pre-sale (Sale for AL holders only)

    11/21 19:00 – 11/30 18:59

  • General Sales

    11/30 20:00 – 12/05 19:59

  • How to Buy

    AVAX (Avalanche)

  • Sales Quantity

    Summoner’s Book (Summoner’s Book) 10,000 pieces

  • Selling price

    18 AVAX (equivalent to $240)

  • Purchase Limit

    Up to 5 per address per each sale

  • Purchase Bonus

    Purchase Genesis NFT and earn a bonus $OAS token for in-game use.

Pre-sale: $100 worth of $OAS tokens will be awarded.

General sale: earn $OAS tokens worth $80.

How to Participate in the Presale

To participate in the presale, you will need AVAX (Avalanche), which can be purchased on the domestic exchanges Bitbank or OKCoinJapan.

AVAX Purchase Process

Domestic exchanges (Bitbank or OKCoin)
⇒ Metamask (wallet)
⇒ Official website

Follow these steps:

  1. Open an account on a domestic exchange (Bitbank or OKCoin)
  2. Buy $AVAX in Japanese Yen
  3. Transfer $AVAX to MetaMask
  4. Connect with MetaMask on the official website

1. Open an account at a domestic exchange

The exchanges where you can buy $AVAX tokens in Japanese yen are currently Bitbank or OKCoin. Please open an account with one of these exchanges. This site introduces Bitbank as an example.

Exchange Bitbank OKCoinJapan
  • No. 1 exchange in Japan in terms of stocks handled
  • High security technology
  • Narrow spreads
  • Many stocks can be traded on the exchange
Exchange Fees Maker:-0.02%
Distributor Fee free free
Withdrawal Fee 550 yen 400 yen
Remittance Fee 0.0006BTC 0.0005~0.02BTC
Recommended Virtual Currencies Ethereum, Avalanche, Ripple Avalanche, Pallet Token, Ethereum

To open account, follow these steps:

  1. Access to the official website
  2. Set up your email address and password
  3. Identification procedures
  4. Personal information registration
  5. Register your identification documents

2. Buy $AVAX in Japanese Yen

Select “AVAX/JPY” on the exchange and purchase AVAX.

Market orders trade according to the market price, so they are more expensive than limit orders, but they trade faster.

In a limit order, the desired price and quantity are set in advance, and the transaction is executed when the market price matches the desired conditions. Therefore, the trade will not be executed until the specified price is reached.

Difference between a sales exchange and an exchange

  • Buy from an operator that offers virtual currency for sale.

=> Anyone can easily and instantly purchase the product, but it is expensive because the commission is added to the sales price.

  • Buy from users who are selling virtual currency

=> Lower commissions, but more time and effort required to purchase than at a sales office.

3. Transfer $AVAX to MetaMask

Once the purchase of AXAX is completed, the money is transferred to the MetaMask wallet, which acts as a virtual currency wallet.

Transfer AVAX from domestic exchanges to MetaMask.

metamask transfer

4. Connect with Metamask on the official website

Connect with Metamask at the official website.

Once the connection is made, purchase the NFT.


Chain Colosseum Phoenix Token

Chain Colosseum Phoenix uses the following two tokens

$CPT Token

CPT will be the native token. It is used for the following purposes

  • Hero Mint
  • Hero Restoration
  • Hero Level Up
  • Leveling up gemstones
  • Unsocketed
  • Open gems

$OAS Token

$OAS, the native tokens of the Oasys chain, are also used in the game.

  • Hero Mint
  • Hero Level Up

How to earn money while playing Chain Colosseum Phoenix

how to earn money

The amount of tokens a player can earn is determined by the level of heroes the player owns. The higher the level, the higher the daily earnings limit.

Level Token Amount
0 5
1 10
2 15
3 20
: :

Players may participate in battles and win tokens only if they have energy. One energy is consumed per battle.

Energy is replenished 25% every 6 hours; 100% after 24 hours.

Players can increase their maximum energy by increasing the number of heroes they own. The higher the maximum energy level, the more often you fight and earn more tokens.

Number of heroes Number of energy
1 10
3 20
9 45
15 60
30 100

The rarer the hero, the more energy bonus the player earns.

Rarity Energy Bonus
Uncommon +1
Rare +2
Epic +3
Legendary +4

Players can also sell heroes, gems, summoner’s books, and summon stones in the Marketplace.


What is Chain Colosseum Phoenix? How to earn money, get started, and participate in the presale was explained.

If you are interested in starting Chain Colosseum Phoenix, please refer to this article.

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