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Captain Tsubasa RIVALS NFT(Crypto) Game Review | How to Play and Earn

The popular soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” is getting a lot of attention for its NFT game “Captain Tsubasa RIVALS“.

This article will provide an overview of Captain Tsubasa RIVALS, how to earn money, and NFT.

Please refer to it.

~The latest news on Captain Tsubasa RIVALS~

Professional soccer player Yuto Nagatomo has been announced as the ambassador of “Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS-“!

What is Captain Tsubasa RIVALS?


Captain Tsubasa -RIVALS- is a blockchain game based on “Captain Tsubasa,” the pioneer of the soccer manga that has influenced soccer kids around the world.

The theme of the game is to enjoy developing and strengthening your one-of-a-kind character NFT while competing against rival characters from “Captain Tsubasa” and other players for items.

Captain Tsubasa RIVALS Token


Captain Tsubasa RIVALS has two types of tokens.

Utility Token: $TSUBASAUT

The $TSUBASAUT is an in-game/utility token that is consumed during gameplay.

It can be earned as a gameplay reward or obtained with a DEX.

Governance token: $TSUBASAGT

$TSUBASAGT is a Governance Token.

It will be available for in-game activities, fan communication, etc.

How to earn Captain Tsubasa RIVALS

Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS offers two game modes that allow players to enjoy the world of the original “Captain Tsubasa”.

Rival Mode

In Rival Mode, players select a stage to challenge and consume Energy to engage in PvE (Player-vs-Environment) battles.

Each stage has different rivals waiting for you, and you will receive rewards (UT, treasure chests, etc.) based on your opponent’s strength when you win.

PvP Mode

This is a mode in which you face off against other users for rival pieces.

A soccer match is represented by three turns, offense, defense, and offense, and the winner is decided by a total of three turns.

The number of players required depends on the rival pieces you want to win; to play PvP mode, you will need a “PvP Participation Ticket”.


This section describes the NFT of Captain Tsubasa RIVALS.


There are five rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, with the rarity increasing from Common → Legendary.


NFT can be enhanced by leveling up. To level up, the utility token $TSUBASAUT must be consumed.

In addition, by reaching a certain level, the following features will be released

  • Special Move Slot
  • Support Slot
  • Skill Slot

Parameters/VS Parameters

Two types of parameters/VS parameters are set for each NFT.


This parameter is used in the rivalry mode. It affects the efficiency of acquiring UT (utility tokens) as rewards and item drops.


Affects the UT that can be earned. Parameters related to the efficiency of acquiring UT that can be obtained in the rivalry mode.


Influence the level of fatigue that accumulates. Parameter related to recovery from fatigue. The higher the fatigue, the less UT can be earned.


Affects the drop rate of treasure chests that can be obtained. Parameter that affects the drop efficiency of treasure chests.

VS Parameters

VS Parameters are the player’s ability values that are used to determine who wins or loses the game in PvP mode.

  • Power: Affects chute commands
  • Speed: Affects defensive command
  • Technique: Affects dribble command


Each NFT has one of the following attributes: power, speed, or skill.


Each attribute has an affinity.

  • Power→ strong in technique
  • Speed → strong in power
  • Technique→ strong in speed

Special Moves

special moves

Special Moves are unique super techniques available to all characters and used in PvP mode confrontations.

Up to three special moves can be learned per NFT. The power of the Special Moves can be increased by leveling up the Special Moves.



Skills are passive skills that all characters have.

Up to four can be learned per player and are mainly used in PvP mode confrontations.

Support slot characters

support slot characters

Each player’s support slot can be equipped with a support character to gain buffing effects during the game. To equip a support character, you must first release the support slot. There are 2 types x 4 = 8 support slots in total per player.


This section provides an overview of Captain Tsubasa RIVALS, how to earn money, and the NFT.

If you are starting Captain Tsubasa RIVALS, please refer to this article.

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