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chain of legends

Chain of Legends Crypto(CLEG) Game Review | How to Play and Earn

The NFT game “Chain of Legends” is becoming popular as an easy way to earn money with complete abandon.

This article provides an overview of the NFT game “Chain of Legends,” which allows you to earn money by leaving it alone, how to get started, and how to earn money.

It also includes the results of actual earnings – which we’ve already verified, and what you need to know before you start.

What is Chain of Legends? Game Overview and NFT

Chain of Legends is an abandoned NFT game developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

In the future, we plan to offer a full-fledged RPG game.

  • Game Title: Chain of Legends
  • Game Genre: Abandoned PRG game
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • Game Token: $CLEG
  • Initial Investment Amount: Free of charge
  • Estimated principal recovery: In case of free: 0 days / In case of charged: about 1 week ~
  • Reward: $CLEG
  • Supported Models: PC
  • Official website:

Basic Game Outline

game outline

Chain of Legends is structured around the following three elements.

  1. Mining building: $CLEG Token Mine
  2. Land: Desert / Common / Uncommon / Rare / Legendary
  3. Tokens: $CLEG

*Other buildings and resources are also available. They are explained below.

To earn money, you need to mine $CLEG tokens using land and CLEG Token Mine.

When you sign in, you will find the CLEG Token Mine, a level 1 building where you can mine tokens, and you can also get the Desert land for free in the Marketplace.  Therefore, you can earn tokens virtually, totally free if you use these two.

If you want to buy land, you can do so with a low initial investment of only a few dollars, making it very easy to get started.

In addition to mining CLEG tokens, the game also has plans to implement PvE and PvP, where you can mine other resources, train Units (troops) and Barracks, and earn rewards by sending them to dungeons and treasure islands in Adventure.

game adventure

Chain of Legends cryptocurrency and resources

Chain of Legends has one token and two resources.

  • $CLEG Token
  • Stone
  • Iron

$CLEG Token

$CLEG is the main token of the game and can be obtained on exchanges such as Pancake swap.

It is required to purchase land.

$CLEG can be increased by mining land and $CLEG Token Mine.

See below for the current price of $CLEG.

Chain of Legends (CLEG)


Stones are needed to build and upgrade Iron Mines and Barracks.

It is also needed to build troop catapults.

It can be obtained at the market or mined at the Stone Mine.


Iron is needed to build and upgrade Barracks.

Iron is also needed to train large numbers of troops.

Iron can be obtained from the market or mined at the Iron Mine.


There are three main types of NFT in Chain of Legends

  • Land
  • Building
  • Units



It is the most important NFT to earn money.

On land, you can start earning resources and tokens by placing buildings.

Each piece of land has a limited amount of resources. When the land runs out of resources, the land will disappear.


To control inflation, a mechanism has been implemented whereby tokens in the reward pool decrease and distribution slows as more users extract land resources.

In other words, there is a first-mover advantage for land.

At the beginning of the game, 2000 pieces of land will be available for purchase each day. A total of 1,300,000 $CLEG tokens can be mined from these lands.

Each cycle, the amount of tokens mined will decrease by 5%.

Note that the first cycle is designed to last at least 10 days until all the land is sold out, the second cycle is designed to last 11 days, and every cycle is one day longer than the previous cycle.

Land is basically purchased from the marketplace implemented within Chain of Legends, but it can also be obtained from the NFT Genesis Box, an NFT box.

A whopping 30-45 pieces of land can be obtained in bulk from the NFT Box.

The NFT boxes sold in Cycle #2 will earn 5% less resources than the NFT boxes sold in Cycle #1.


NFT boxes are available at the NFT Marketplace tofuNFT or Liquidifty.

There are five rarities of land, each with a specific number of tokens that can be acquired.

  • Desert: can be mined for ~25 tokens and has no iron and stone resources. You can get it for free from the marketplace, but it is limited. If more than a certain number are bought, they will be gone, and the marketplace will be replenished with 117 pieces of land every hour. However, the acquisition rate (Production Rate) – 25%. (2800 lands can be used per day)
  • Common: Can be mined for ~235 tokens and has iron and stone resources. (1400 lands available per day)
  • Uncommon: Can mine ~700 tokens and has iron and stone. You will receive +10% of the acquisition rate. (480 lands can be used per day)
  • Rare: Can mine ~2800 tokens and has iron and stone resources. It has a +20% acquisition rate. (100 lands can be used per day)
  • Legendary: Can mine ~14000 tokens and has iron and stone resources. Has a +30% acquisition rate. (20 lands can be used per day)


In addition to land, buildings are necessary to collect CLEG tokens and resources.

Even in the initial state, the CLEG Token Mine, a level 1 building where CLEG tokens can be mined, is distributed.

The building has a capacity, so you need to collect the resources before it becomes full and stops working.

Building Levels

Buildings increase in production with each level, but at a cost. Leveling up takes time depending on the level of the building.

Paying 10% more resources deducts 24 hours from the remaining upgrade timer.

For example, for a building that requires 1000 tokens and 3 days to upgrade, you can pay 1300 tokens to upgrade instantly.

Building Physical Strength

Buildings have a physical strength; HP decreases by 2 per day and stops working when it reaches 0. For every 20 HP lost, the performance of the building is reduced by 5%.

The repair cost to restore 100 HP is 50% of the building value (the cost of building and upgrading the building to reach the current level).

There are four main types of buildings

  • CLEG Token Mine: CLEG tokens can be mined. Level 1 is free for everyone and can produce 50 CLEGs per day.
  • Stone Mine: Stone can be mined.
  • Iron Mine: Iron can be mined.
  • Barracks: Barracks are used for unit training and post-battle recovery.


Unit can be trained in Barracks and sent to Adventure’s dungeons and treasure islands for PvE and PvP. (XP) from battles. When a Unit gains enough XP, it is upgraded to the next level. Upgrading increases a Unit’s HP, attack power, and resilience by 50%. In addition, ranged units increase their attack range by one for every three levels.

Troop List

Troops that can be trained in Barracks or dropped in dungeons are listed below. Except for those dropped in some dungeons, resources are required.

  • Warrior: 100 CLEG / Iron30
  • Archer: CLEG100 / Iron20
  • Guardian: CLEG150 / Iron100
  • Knight: CLEG300 / Iron100
  • Mage: CLEG150 / Iron15
  • Catapult: CLEG1000 / Iron400 / Stone500
  • Dragon: 1% chance of dropping in dungeons
  • Goblin: 10% chance of dropping in dungeons

2-step explanation of how to earn money

To earn money in Chain of Legends, you must first acquire land.

STEP 1: Get the NFT

Purchase a land NFT or get a free Desert NFT in the “Marketplace” in the lower left corner.

If you have already obtained an NFT box from tofuNFT or Liquidifty, open the box from “Open NFT Box” in the lower right corner.

To purchase a paid land NFT in the Marketplace, you must first deposit a CLEG token into the game. Select the settings symbol in the upper left corner, enter the amount in the left field, select “Deposit”, approve the transaction and you are done.

Once you have the land NFT, it will be added to “My Lands” at the bottom and the building “CLEG Token Mine” in the default screen, “Home” at the bottom, will be operational and purple.

STEP2: Harvesting CLEG tokens

Once the land NFT is obtained, mining of CLEG tokens will begin.

You can harvest CLEG tokens from “Collect” in the CLEG Token Mine.

Once the CLEG Token Mine is selected, the building can be upgraded from “Upgrade” and the building can be repaired from “Repair”.

The initial CLEG Token Mine level 1 can harvest CLEG tokens from 1 to 50 CLEG (-25% to +30% depending on the land NFTs you have) per day.

Only one operational land NFT is currently used.

How much does Chain of Legends earn? How much is the principal recovery?

Chain of Legends is currently a steady-earning game.

You need to visit the site once a day, but with a very small initial investment of a few hundred yen, you can quickly recover your original investment within a week.

  • Amount of Common land NFT purchased: 77 CLEG
  • Amount earned per week: 50 CLEG daily x 1 week = about 235 CLEG
  • Final profit: Amount earned – Withdrawal fee = 235 CLEG – Withdrawal fee (5% + 100 CLEG) = 111.5 CLEG

The principal was recovered in almost a week.

Initially, the maximum ~50 CLEG per day (-25% to +30%) and land NFT capacity is fixed. So, if you buy high rarity NFTs from the beginning, the time to recover the principal will be longer.

It depends on the future development of the game, but at present, it is a game where you earn steadily and steadily.

However, the game is designed to be sustainable so that it does not collapse immediately.

Strategies to earn money efficiently in Chain of Legends

The following are some of the strategies for playing Chain of Legends.

Determine if you should reinvest in upgrades

Upgrading the CLEG Token Mine will nearly double the amount you can earn per day. This will cost you 1000 CLEG or more, so your initial investment will increase considerably.

For example, if you upgrade the CLEG Token Mine to level 2

1000 CLEG additional investment ÷ ~95 CLEG per day = about 11 days

This is about 11 additional days to recover the investment. On the other hand, the recovery of land NFTs can be done in about half the time.

If you want to spend NFTs and turn them as much as possible, you may want to consider upgrading.

You need to make a decision based on your investment amount and how many days you want to recover your initial investment. If you want to earn a lot of money, the recovery of the initial investment tends to be slower.

Frequent collect

The CLEG Token Mine is always in operation, so you do not need to worry much about the collect period unless the daily capacity is reached.

Also, since no transactions or fees are charged for collects, we recommend that you manage your frequent collects so that the CLEG Token Mine does not reach its capacity.

However, it is possible to collect CLEG tokens from 10 CLEG or more.

Who would we recommend Chain of Legends?

Chain of Legends is an NFT game that requires some effort, but you can earn money almost by leaving it alone.

On the other hand, the amount of money you can earn is fixed, so you cannot expect to earn too much. However, this is the same for other players.

In addition, various features such as PvP and PvE will be released in the future, which will make the game even more exciting.

Therefore, I recommend this game to those who have no time and want to earn money without hassle by completely leaving the game alone, and who are also looking forward to the future of the game.

Also, since the game can be started for free, I would recommend it as an introductory game for first time NFT game players.

How to start Chain of Legends, even for free

Here is how to actually get started with Chain of Legends.

There are two ways to get started.

  • How to start for free
  • How to start by purchasing NFT

We will explain them in order.

How to start for free

To get started for free, start by signing in to Chain of Legends!

Go to the official website at the following link!

how to play game

Click on “Play Now” then “Connect Wallet” to connect to Metamask.

Select “Sign” to complete the connection.

*If you have not added the Binance Smart Chain network to MetaMask, the network will be added and switched automatically by approving the pop-up.

Purchase a “Desert” land NFT from MarketPlace.

It’s free! You can try out the game with this NFT.

How to start by purchasing NFT

This section explains how to earn money by purchasing NFT in Chain of Legends.

List of specific procedures

  1. Buy BNB
  2. Transfer BNB to Metamask
  3. Swap BNB for CLEG tokens in a pancake swap
  4. Connect with Metamask on the official Chain of Legend website
  5. Buy NFTs
  6. Play the game

Once you have transferred BNB (Binance coins) to Metamask, go to the official Pancake Swap website.

Click on “Connect Wallet” and select “MetaMask.

Once connected, swap (exchange) your BNB (Binance Coins) for $CLEG tokens and you are done.

The $CLEG token can be found by typing CLEG in “select a Token”.

You can also search by contract address.

Contract address of $CLEG:


Access the official Chain of Legends website.

Click “Play Now” then “Connect Wallet” to connect

Once you have logged in with MetaMask, you will need to deposit your CLEG tokens into the game. Select the settings symbol in the upper left corner, enter the amount in the left field, select “Deposit,” approve the transaction and you are done.

Then click on “MarketPlace” in the lower left corner.

Select the rarity of land NFT you wish to buy and press “YES” to purchase.

Once you have land NFT, it will be added to “My Lands” at the bottom and the CLEG Token Mine in the default screen, “Home” at the bottom, will be operational and purple.

You can harvest CLEG tokens from the “Collect” section of the CLEG Token Mine.

Once the CLEG Token Mine is selected, you can level up the building from “Upgrade” and repair the building from “Repair”.

Chain of Legends Redemption Methods

Even if you have made a lot of money, it is meaningless if you don’t redeem it. Finally, we will explain how to redeem your CLEG tokens.

To redeem your CLEG tokens, you must first Withdraw them.

Select the settings symbol in the upper left corner, enter the amount in the right field, select “Withdraw,” approve the transaction, and you are done.

One thing to note, however, is the commission fee.

There is a 5% + 100 CLEG fee, so we recommend withdrawing as large an amount as possible.

All withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours.

The rest of the process is the reverse of the process of swapping CLEG tokens with Pancakdeswap to get tokens.


Chain of Legends is a neglected NFT game that is designed to be sustained with a good grasp of token emissions, with an easy to understand harvest per land NFT.

And above all, it is recommended for beginners who are new to NFT games because you can start for free or with a small amount of money.

Currently, there are still many features that have not been implemented yet, but the first mover advantage is strong due to the specifications, so if you want to start, I recommend starting as soon as possible.

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