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ByTen NFT Game Review | How to Get Started and Tweet to Earn

Byten is being talked about as a Tweet-to-Earn where you can earn money by tweeting.

This article explains how to earn and get started with Byten and its virtual currency.

Please refer to the following information.

Another product under Tweet to Earn is TwitFi. For articles related to TwitFi, please see here.

What is Byten?


Byten is a Web3 social networking service with GameFi capabilities.

Users will hold an NFT of the bird’s design; tweeting on Twitter tagging #Byten will earn $BNT and $GOLD, which can be used in-game or cashed in for partial profit.

Game Title Byten
Game Genre Tweet-to-Earn
Blockchain Aptos
Game Token $APT
Initial Investment 6$APT
Supported models Smartphone、PC
Official website
Official Twitter

How to start Byten

byten start

You can get started by purchasing Genesis NFT on the official website or by acquiring Common NFT through Airdrop by Giveaway or other means.

Genesis Eggs can be purchased for 6$APT.

About Egg NFT

To earn money by tweeting, you must purchase Egg NFTs and hatch eggs. Once hatched, the egg NFTs become bird NFTs of different rarities depending on the probability.

Type of Egg NFT Birdy Coco Kiwi Fini
Common 99% 1% 0% 0%
GENESIS 0% 67% 32% 1%
Epic 0% 0% 70% 30%

Common Eggs are only available through airdrops. Genesis Eggs can be purchased for 6$APT.

Epic NFT is not for sale.

How to earn money with ByTen

byten tweet to earn

Users earn $BNT and $GOLD by holding and tweeting the bird NFT.

Once your TwitFi setup is complete, simply tweet using #Byten. You can tweet from your Twitter application as usual.

About Revenue

There are four types of Bird NFT: Birdy, Coco, Kiwi, and Fini. Earnings will differ depending on each rarity and level.

  • Revenue of $BNT
Type of Bird NFT Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Birdy 5
Coco 10 20 24 30 40 50
Kiwi 11 22 28 36 46 60
Fini 13 26 34 44 62 80
  • Revenue of $GOLD
Type of Bird NFT Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Birdy 1
Coco 2 5 6 7.5 10 12.5
Kiwi 2.5 5.5 7 9 11.5 15
Fini 3 6.5 8.5 11 15.5 20

How to Level Up

There are five levels of Bird NFT, levels 1-6. Users can level up Bird NFT by paying $BNT and $GOLD.

Each level up has a probability of success. A certain probability of success is required to advance a level.

A certain amount of time (waiting days) is required to move up to the next level.

Level Up Required $BNT amount Required $GOLD amount Success Rate Waiting Days
5→6 24,000 24,000 50% 10
4→5 12,000 12,000 60% 7
3→4 6,000 6,000 70% 5
2→3 3,000 3,000 80% 3
1→2 1,500 1,500 100% 1

Upgrades are not reflected immediately and there is a certain cooldown.

Level Up Cool down time
5→6 72
4→5 48
3→4 36
2→3 24
1→2 12

About the Feed

To earn $BNT and $GOLD, you must consume a feed each time you tweet. The consumed feeds will be replenished in a certain amount of time. As long as you have feeds, you can tweet and earn $TWT.

Each NFT holds up to 10 feeds.

Purchase a feed box to accumulate up to 50 feeds.

Level of Bird NFT Feed replenishment per hour
6 1 feed/hour
5 1 feed/2 hours
4 1 feed/3 hours
3 1 feed/4 hours
2 1 feed/6 hours
1 1 feed/8 hours

About Viral Infections

There is a possibility that NFT may be infected with a virus by a certain probability when you tweet. If infected with the virus, you will not get any tokens for tweeting. The infection can be cured automatically after 7 days, or it can be cured by using the item medicine and.

Viral infection does not occur in the first 10 tweets after hatching from the egg and the first 10 tweets after virus treatment.

Number of tweets Probability of infection
1-99 2%
100-299 4%
300-599 6%
600-999 10%
1000-1499 20%
1500- 40%

How to Mint

You can mint a new egg NFT by preparing two bird NFTs of level 4 or higher. The two prepared bird NFTs will not be burned when minted.

The percentage of each type of egg NFT depends on the level of bird NFT you prepare. Once minted, you must wait 72 hours before the next minting.

A single bird NFT may be used up to three times on a mint.

Bird NFT Level Rare Eggs Probability Epic Egg Probability
Level 6 30% 70%
Level 5 70% 30%
Level 4 80% 20%

Must pay $BNT at mint time.

Bird NFT Level Mint $BNT Cost
Both are level 6 Price of rare egg*240%.
Either level 5 Price of rare egg * 120%.
Either level 4 Price of rare egg * 120%.

Other ways to earn money with ByTen

byten another earn

Byten has other ways to earn money in addition to tweeting.

Invite friends to earn (Social to Earn)

Earn $BNT and $GOLD when you hold a Bird NFT and invite a friend.

Direct invitations earn 1%-2%, indirect invitations earn 0.25%.

Direct invitation means that you get 1%-2% revenue when you invite Mr. B directly, as in A to B.

Indirect invitation means that if further Cs are invited by the invited B, as in A→B→C, you will receive revenue from B and 0.25% from C.

Answer questions to earn (Knowledge to Earn)

Earn $BNT and $GOLD by holding Bird NFT and answering questions.

Token rewards will be awarded according to the percentage of correct answers and the number of NFTs possessed.

Two special contests will be held each day, and users will answer the 10 questions in each contest in time; one contest per day will be open to the public.


We explained how to start ByTen and how to earn money.

If you are just starting out with ByTen, please refer to this article.

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