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Paradise Tycoon NFT Game Review | How to Start

Paradise Tycoon is an NFT farming game developed by Empires Not Vampires Ltd. Users can grow their own land and enjoy actions such as fishing, similar to Nintendo’s popular game Animal Crossing. The game can already be experienced through browser or smartphone apps. In March 2023, NFT issuance is planned, and with farming games being popular in Japan, it is expected to become a highly anticipated NFT game. This article will explain the overview and how to get started with Paradise Tycoon.

What is Paradise Tycoon?

Paradise Tycoon is an NFT farming game developed by Empires Not Vampires Ltd. The company has already raised over $1 million for the game’s development costs.

The game can already be enjoyed through browser or smartphone apps. Players create their own avatars and enjoy the farm life. Avatars can be decorated with various accessories.


The game content itself is a simple farming game where players:

  • Perform actions on the land to find materials (fishing, logging, etc.)
  • Synthesize materials
  • Grow crops, harvest, and sell to earn money

Players can then use the money to further develop their land. In the future, players will be able to enjoy playing together with other players while interacting.

Game Title Paradise Tycoon
Genre Farming Game
Blockchain AVALANCHE
Game Token $MOANI
Contract Address Under investigation
Initial Investment Amount Free to play
Rewards Under investigation
Supported Platforms Browser, iOS, Android
Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Discord
Whitepaper Unreleased
Play in browser
Download for Android

NFTs in Paradise Tycoon

There are several NFT implementations planned for Paradise Tycoon:

  • Crew NFTs
  • Land NFTs

It is said that these NFTs can be used in other metaverses besides the game developed by Empires Not Vampires Ltd. in the future.


Crew NFTs


Crew NFTs level up by assigning tasks and determine the resources and buildings that can be collected based on their rarity. Crew members are ERC-721 NFTs and can be obtained through purchase or rewards. Rarities range from Common to Legendary, and rare crew members have unique appearances. Having many Crew NFTs is expected to play a significant role in future earnings.

Land NFTs


When starting the journey, players begin with a simple island, but as the game progresses, the land becomes an NFT. The land has various sizes and evaluation values, determining the resources that can be collected and whether there are slots for additional buildings or other statistics.

Getting Started with Paradise Tycoon

ParadiseTycoon-how to start

You can already play a demo version of Paradise Tycoon through the browser or smartphone app, so it is recommended to try playing it first. Simply open the homepage and tap “Play” to start the game. No membership registration is required since it is a demo.


We have tried playing the game by exploring the land and doing simple crafting and harvesting.



As a first impression, it feels like an old-fashioned browser-based farming game rather than a high-quality modern game. The movements are quite slow, and improvements are needed in the future. However, as the playtime gets longer, it becomes surprisingly interesting, and there are features of a niche game that make it fun to play. The specifications do not require high-end specs, making it accessible to anyone. With many games that became popular in 2022, the emphasis was more on ease of play rather than high-quality, so there is a possibility that Paradise Tycoon might unexpectedly become a big hit.



Paradise Tycoon is an NFT farming game developed by Empires Not Vampires Ltd. You can already play a demo version of the game through the browser or smartphone app. The game allows players to create their own avatar and enjoy a farming life, similar to the famous Nintendo game Animal Crossing. The gameplay is simple, allowing players to perform actions such as fishing, harvesting, and growing crops to earn money and develop their land further. The game is set to issue Crew and Land NFTs, which will be usable in other metaverses as well. The crew NFTs are collectible, with various rarities and unique appearances, while land NFTs determine the resources and buildings that can be collected. Although the game’s movements may feel slow, it becomes interesting as the playtime increases, and it is accessible to anyone due to its low specifications. The game is expected to issue NFTs in March 2023, so be sure to check it out beforehand if you are interested.

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