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Apeiron Game Review | About its Gameplay, NFTs, and Cryptocurrencies

This article will be introducing an NFT game called “Apeiron”.

In the NFT game world, Apeiron is taking a different approach with gameplay characterized by a high level of strategy and unique elements.

This article will provide an overview of Apeiron, including its gameplay, and specific instructions on how to get started.

Please refer to the following information.

What is Apeiron?

What is Apeiron?

Apeiron, developed by Aither Entertainment, is a simulation x action RPG game that is being developed under the influence of games such as ​​Populous, Black and White, and Spore. 

​​Players become “Godlings,” god-like beings on their own planet, and develop the planet they’re living in. 

Planets are inhabited by creatures called “Doods,” and as the number of Doods increases, the planet grows.


Unique elements


Each planet comes with an “Avatar” that will allow you to utilize it to participate in combat and explore the mysteries of the Apeiron Universe.



Basically, you need to own your own planetary NFTs, but you can also borrow non-tradable planetary NFTs from affiliated game guilds, so it is considered possible to play for free.

The fact that we have formed alliances with many partners shows the high level of public attention we have received.

Apeiron partners


Unique elements: Armageddon


Apeiron has a unique feature called Armageddon. Simply put, it is a feature that resets your planet.

By Armageddoning a planet that has reached a certain level of growth, players can gain soul gems to level up their spirit core, potential bonus values, and other rewards. Players can also convert a certain amount of game objects to NFT during Armageddon. (Requires proprietary tokens)

Game Title  Apeiron
Game Genre Simulation x Action RPG
Blockchain ETH
Contract Address Under investigation
Initial Investment Amount Free~
Reward Under investigation
Supported Models Mac, Windows

About Apeiron’s NFT

Apeiron has the following NFTs

  • Planets NFT
  • Stars NFT
  • Relics NFT

Planets NFT

planets NFT

You can purchase planets from public marketplaces such as Opensea.

There are 15 planetary archetypes, each with its own element combination and base Avatar skin, and each comes with its own cosmetic items. 

Each planet has its own elemental type and avatar combat class, and players have access to a unique set of skill cards for an action RPG gameplay. Each planet also has dungeons that can be explored on the planet to unlock additional party members.

Planets NFT breeding (Chronomerging) is also available

You can also create a new planet from two Planets NFTs by paying two tokens, APRS and ANIMA.

Bred Planets NFTs can be sold in the Marketplace.

Stars NFT

stars NFT

Stars NFTs have a role similar to that of ‘Land NFT’ in other NFT games. They affect the growth rate of planets NFTs.

Relics NFT

relics NFT

This is the NFT that a player gets by starting Armageddon.

These relics will be added to the planetary relic slots and may take effect in the next planetary cycle.

However, it will need to be converted to relics again if NFTing is to be unraveled for a new cycle or a new planet and utilized again in a future Armageddon.

Further expenditure of tokens is required and more play or purchase is needed in the market.

About Apeiron’s Gameplay

Apeiron has the following playing elements as far as currently available to the public


  • PvE
  • PvP

In addition to this, alliances (guilds) and e-sports will be implemented.

Apeiron’s combat system is a real-time card battle built around avatars and apostle units.

While successfully positioning his avatar and the apostle unit, he uses cards and activates skills to annihilate the enemy unit. 

It is likely to require a high level of strategy.

How to get started with Apeiron

get started with Apeiron

Planets NFT is required to get started with Apeiron.

*Gameplay is not yet available as of March 2023. There is an announcement about the start day of test play soon.

Planets NFT can be purchased on marketplaces such as the official Apeiron and OpenSea.

About Apeiron Cryptocurrencies

Apeiron cryptocurrencies

Apeiron offers the following cryptocurrencies (tokens)

  • APRS 
  • ANIMA 
  • RNGU 


This is the governance token.

Token holders can participate in a voting process that will influence the future development of the game.

The following uses are possible:

  • Cost of purchasing a mini black hole NFT to perform celestial conjunctions
  • Used to forge avatar equipment, skill cards, apostles, and environmental objects into relics


These are Play-to-Earn Tokens. 

Here are the tokens you can get by playing the game.

Yes, the number of tokens issued is unlimited.

The following uses are available

  • Rewards for dungeons, missions, and PvP
  • Rewards for Armageddon events


Apeiron premium tokens to be distributed at large events like Galactic Events, World Boss, Alliance-level GvG, Raid content, and more.

Owners of this token may have access to the most attractive content, stores, yield farming mechanisms, etc.


Apeiron is a simulation x action RPG game developed by Aither Entertainment.

It is an NFT game with unique elements such as Armageddon.

The battle demo looks interesting, with high-quality graphics and a high level of strategy.

I can’t wait for the official launch. Tokens are scheduled to be released in the future, so if you are interested in this game, read this article and check it out while you can!

Here is the roadmap of the project!

Apeiron roadmap

Social Links

Official Website
Official Twitter
Official Discord
White paper

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