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What is BOUNTYKINDS? NFT Game Review

BOUNTYKINDS is a new Web3 project set in a gaming metaverse where players can earn by contributing in the game’s world building. Players have several ways of earning within the game, which makes gameplay and strategies more unique and interesting.

This article is made to give readers an overview of what BOUNTYKINDS is, how the NFT and Token distribution works and a general introduction to the project. We will share more in depth breakdown once the game’s alpha testing releases soon.


boutykinds overview

BOUNTYKINDS is a Web3 gaming metaverse currently under development and is set to officially release this year, with its Alpha release coming up on April 1st and its Beta release coming shortly after the end of the alpha testing phase. Under its disposal, it is set to consist of multiple games to be decided mostly by its community once it officially launches.

Because there are different kinds of games, players have limitless options to choose from on how they want to explore the world of BOUNTYKINDS.

We hope this article gives you insight on the unique and adventurous world of BOUNTYKINDS and makes you excited to check it out once it is finally available to the public.

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Worldbuilding of BOUNTYKINDS

BOUNTYKINDS was brought to inception by a group of gamers who seek inspiration in the current state of blockchain gaming. The team acknowledges that the Play-to-Earn (P2E) aspect of these games are what separates them from other traditional games. But they also saw that this facet is what diminishes the gaming experience of these projects.

Web3 integration and metaverse gaming are the recent trends in the gaming scene and with this in mind, the BOUNTYKINDS team was formed with the goal of making a blockchain game that players would actually love to play while being able to immerse themselves in the wonders of these new technologies.

Logistics of BOUNTYKINDS

BOUNTYKINDS will be available within the Binance Smart Chain.

It will be utilizing a triple token system which allows players to have more options to choose from when tackling the game. The tokens will be explained more later in the article.

BOUNTYKINDS boasts its commitment to game-centric design and made sure that it will create a game that not only the developers themselves would love to play, but one avid gamers could also have fun, yet leave just as much cryptocurrency essence so that investors could enjoy as well.

The devs are led by a team of Japanese blockchain game enthusiasts, and are currently developing the game in Vietnam to be more in touch with its Southeast Asian market. It is eventually planning to branch out globally and spread its reach to various places around the globe

Game Plot Overview

BOUNTYKINDS is set in the post-apocalyptic dystopia where Earth is devoid of all organic human life after the last remaining people left the planet in search of more resources. The lifeless planet became the battleground for different races as they attempted to assert their dominance over other tribes. Aim for glory and ensure victory over others by grinding through challenges, gathering rare items that will be unique to your inventory, help build the world by being a land-owner and establish your own footing within the game, or simply trek through the vast world to meet new friends and collect loot from playing the many games that will be available in the BOUNTYKINDS world.

In the world of BOUNTYKINDS, there is no right way in conquering the universe. Quite literally, those who enjoy the most through their adventure have the highest chance of winning it all.


There are multiple types of NFTs available within the BOUNTYKINDS universe and all of them will be useful to the players in some way shape or form regardless of its rarity.

We intend to post more in-depth guides about them in future articles but we hope that these overviews will help you decide how to set up your own team in the future.

NFT Tribes

There are 5 tribes in the BOUNTYKINDS universe, each with their own strengths and uses in the game. Familiarize yourself with their traits and find out which ones you would love to permanently include in your team or those you feel would come clutch in specific situations.


humanoids boutykinds

Humanoids were made to mirror the last remaining people and were left to tend to Earth once the last humans evacuated the planet. In order to provide the best results for these, Humanoids were replicated using the DNA of famous heroes on Earth.

Humanoid Class NFTs pale in comparison to other NFTs tribes in terms of its durability and overall battle parameters, stemming from the fact that they are still somehow of mortal nature. However, they do boast the best versatility amongst all the tribes by having the most number of available NFT weapon slots, making them viable units for different situations.


machines boutykinds

The AI remaining on Earth after humans deserted the planet awakened their respective individualities by being exposed to alien chemicals. These NFTs have the highest defense amongst all of the tribes due to their durability. They also have an execute ability wherein they are programmed to self-destruct after reaching a certain threshold, dashing out bursts of percentage health damage to its enemies.


beast boutykinds

Beasts are said to be the evolved form of the last living animals after humans long deserted the planet. After being exposed to leftover chemicals and their primal instincts, NFTs belonging to Beast class, packs a lot of punch in melee battles. Beast NFTs have innate berserker buffs which gives the stat boosts once their health reaches below 20%


gods boutykinds

NFTs belonging to the God tribe all possess unique skill abilities ranging from damage to overall utility. As one of the most powerful tribes in the BOUNTYKINDS universe, their rarity is also very much one of their assets, making them hard to counter yet just as difficult to use in desired team comps. Each God NFT has a unique post mortem passive, for example, some NFTs restores the health of its remaining team and permanently gives them stat boosts for the rest of the match after being defeated.


demons boutykinds

In the same divinity as those of the Gods, Demons also possess unique skill sets that are vastly different depending on which Demon you choose to board on your field. Rather than providing team utility, Demons operate solely on causing havoc during battle with their passive revolving around resurrection gimmicks and attack damage boost depending on how low their health is.

NFT Element Chart

BOUNTYKINDS elements chart

There are currently 6 elements present within the BOUNTYKINDS universe.

Each NFT falls under one of these elements, meaning strategizing and building team compositions based on your situation is one of the many joys players would encounter when playing.

  1. IGNIS: NFTs with the Ignis element all excels in Attack damage, sometimes discarding their own Defense for more power boosts.
  2. PLANT: This element is mostly known for team healers, enchanters, and stat boosters.
  3. ANIMA: Like how the wind could dictate the flow of the match, NFTs with the Anima trait have very effective crowd control moves and speed boosts that could limit enemy movements.
  4. EARTH: Earth NFTs abuse the defensive nature of their element with boosted armor and resistances, plus their affinity for getting shields during battle.
  5. ELEKI: NFTs with the Eleki element love being cunning and unpredictable, thus giving them advantages and perks with critical attacks.
  6. AQUA: NFTs that fall under the Aqua element enjoy balance in all things, making them flexible picks with their relatively balanced stats.



BOUNTYKINDS will be operating under a triple token system that maintains the entire gaming ecosystem. Each token serves a different purpose and knowing what to do with each token will help you greatly while playing the many games that will be available. Sometime after the Alpha testing launch of BOUNTYKINDS, we at SGG plan to make a more in-depth breakdown of the gameplay and tokenomics of the game.

Contribute-to-Earn (C2E)

Contribute-to-Earn is the unique system that will be implemented in the BOUNTYKINDS universe. The distribution of the main token metric of the game $YU is determined by the status of all the other tokens. For example the amount of $YU you earn per day is decided by the amount of BWP you have, but then again, the amount of BWP you have is decided entirely by the amount of games you played (which is then decided by the amount of $FFE you used to play games within BOUNTYKINDS). This unique system of the game is what keeps all of the tokens in check, all while encouraging players to engage more with the games within BOUNTYKINDS.

Utility Token ($YU)

The utility token ($YU) is the primary economy token of the BOUNTYKINDS universe. It drops as loot after completing matches and quests, but daily distribution of tokens is heavily decided on the amount of BWP the player and the playerbase hold. As of the moment, $YU is to be available for swapping on platforms such as PancakeSwap.


The BOUNTYKINDS World DAO will serve as the governance token of BOUNTYKINDS. It is different from most governance tokens because the developers will not be holding any of the available $BKWD in the market, but intend to allow public holders within its community to thrive on how they would want to proceed with the game. With that said, developers will be facilitators who would oversee the progress of the game, especially when change is rampant during the starts and ends of each gaming season.

Forbidden Fruit Energy Token ($FFE)

The Forbidden Fruit Energy Token limits the number of times a player can engage in the games available within the BOUNTYKINDS universe. There are a total of 10 $FFE slots per account and players recover $FFE twice an hour, allowing for multiple games to be played as long as the player is actively grinding. $FFE can also be purchased and swapped through platforms like Pancakeswap.

Bounty World Point (BWP)

The Bounty World Point (BWP) is the rank point metric used to determine the gamer’s overall ranking within the BOUNTYKINDS universe. Players accumulate points by winning PvP matches or clearing quests in the board game. The amount of BWP the player earns and the overall accumulated total of BWP the entire playerbase earns per day decides the player’s daily the limit for $YU.

open world bountykinds


Tactical PvP and the Board Game will be the first two game modes that will be made available for players who are eyeing to start grinding from the BOUNTYKINDS Alpha Test Phase.

Tactical PvP Game Mode

One of the main two game modes that will initially be accessible to players is the turn-based tactical PVP mode. Players will compose a team and strategize compositions against other players.

The player with the higher remaining HP after 10 rounds is considered the victor. Winning in these matches will grant players BWP and $YU as rewards. 2 FFE will be consumed once a player joins a PVP match.

Board Game Mode

At the cost of 1 FFE per roll of dice, board games are also a playable game mode for BOUNTYKINDS gamers. To make things interesting, once BOUNTYKINDS has officially launched, the board game will be played on a massive scale of 10,000 slots spread across the gaming universe, with players being able to land on certain slots with tenants or land on action slots like in Monopoly.

Players will eventually be also capable of buying these land slots and are given the options to create their own games or settlements on these BOUNTYKINDS World Blocks. For the alpha-testing phase, a miniature version of this world map will be available for players to enjoy.

Future Game Modes

The BOUNTYKINDS development team is also currently working on developing several game modes that players (and the developers themselves would love to enjoy) such as BOUNTYKINDS’ very own first person shooting (FPS) game or  MOBA tag games using existing character NFTs. The team is also working on the development of its fitness app which allows players to receive FFE as rewards for walking, while promoting the reduction of carbon emissions.

Implementation of Scholarship and Rental Systems

An Alpha ticket, which is only obtainable through official BOUNTYKINDS Public Sales and their giveaways, is required to be able to play during the alpha testing phase. But because the game is also implementing scholarship and rental systems from this stage, ticket holders who do not possess NFTs can still have a shot at playing the game from the alpha phase. Because of the scholarship and rental system, anyone who has an alpha ticket can start their BOUNTYKINDS adventure and find their respective ways in enjoying the multiple games that are being offered.

Scholarships System

NFT owners can lend out their characters to other players for a certain amount of $YU for an agreed amount of time. Since there are better benefits for Character NFT users, people who borrow them get to appreciate the same rewards of using these NFTs in all of the BOUNTYKINDS games.

Rental System

People can also take the option of renting out playable in-game characters from the game itself and use it to make up for empty slots. This means players with no NFTs can also enjoy BOUNTYKINDS as long as they can get into the game with an Alpha Ticket and rent out characters, although, it comes at the cost of earning less rewards than those who use Character NFTs.

pvp boutykinds


The BOUNTYKINDS C2E (Contribute-to-Earn) system is the first of its kind

The development team wants players who love gaming to have a shot at enjoying all that BOUNTYKINDS has to offer. In order to make this possible, they have systemized a sustainable economy to keep the token balance, as to avoid token price fluctuation. By utilizing this unique triple token system, BOUNTYKINDS is capable of realizing its Contribute-to-Earn philosophy into action.

BOUNTYKINDS rewards Player Skill and Effort

Because of BOUNTYKINDS’ unique triple token system, balance between the tokens you can earn from is kept at a steady level. Because each token limits one of the other, the only way players could be rewarded a good amount is either by winning a lot of games with heavy skill expression, or by grinding numerous matches and accumulating as much BWP as possible.

This gaming environment means that having strong NFTs does not automatically guarantee high income. This means players who start on low level NFTs have just as much an equal shot at getting a higher ranking on the ladder as those who pre-purchased NFTs. If you play hard, you earn more – as simple as it is, that is the premise of BOUNTYKINDS.

BOUNTYKINDS aims for a functional Gamer DAO

Top players are rewarded with game deciding privileges and with the core team not having strong agency with the flow of the BOUNTYKINDS World DAO (BKWD), the gamers themselves can heavily influence the direction they want BOUNTYKINDS to head to.

Serving as facilitators in the council that decides what goes on per season in BOUNTYKINDS, developers are able to maintain, sustain, and satisfy its gamer community. This reinforces the decentralization aspect that Web3 aims to achieve, and the freedom of the community to fully be creative with the possibilities blockchain technology has to offer in the gaming industry.



BOUNTYKINDS will have multiple NFT types and game modes, with the Tactical PvP Mode and the Board Game mode available from its Alpha Test launch. It also implements a Contribute-to-Earn mechanic where players who interact more within the game through playing, collecting and engaging with content within the BOUNTYKINDS universe have more chances of earning rewards.

With the BOUNTYKINDS World DAO (BWKD), its utility token ($YU) and its Forbidden Fruit Energy token (FFE), it regulates the Bounty World Points (BWP) a player could stack while climbing the ranking ladder. Each token limits the other through its unique function, making the token economy sustainable.

With its implementation of its triple token system and inclusion of multiple games within its IP, BOUNTYKINDS definitely has the potential to make a gamer-centric Web3 platform.

BOUNTYKINDS presents the potential of blockchain gaming from the unique gamer perspective. Its ambitious vision for its platform will definitely push the industry towards a better direction.

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