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Otherside NFT Game Review | How to start, cryptocurrencies and the Otherdeed Land NFT

Otherside is a decentralized world-building metaverse platform co-developed by Yuga Labs – the company behind popular projects such as BAYC or MAYC. The platform provides an exciting environment to play, compete, create, connect and explore the digital world together.

In the Otherside metaverse, users can participate in a variety of games and activities. In addition, economic activities take place on the platform, allowing users to trade using digital currencies and NFTs.

Basically, in Otherside, players collect NFT cards that represent different characters, weapons, and other items. These cards can be used to build decks and battle against other players in a turn-based strategy game. The game also features a storyline that players can follow as they progress through different levels and challenges.

In this article, we will introduce the game as well as explain how to get started and the cryptocurrencies.

What is Otherside?

Game Title Otherside
Game Genre Metaverse
Blockchain Ethereum
Supported Models PC
Official Website
Official Discord
Opensea Collection

Initially, the game is co-developed by Yuga Labs and Improbable.

Phase 1 of the game was opened for users to experience a narrative gameplay called The Voyager’s Journey. This is the important first step to enter the game.

However, only Voyagers and selected developers are able to access the platform and will be given certain in-game opportunities.

Essentially, it uses avatars and advanced immersive audio to engage over 10,000 live participants in a real-time The Voyager’s Journey.

The Voyager’s Journey is an 11-part storyline about a mysterious obelisk that appears in an alternate universe. Through them, you will develop unique experiences, discovering and shaping what you can harvest, create, trade, buy and sell.

How to Start The Voyager’s Journey

otherside voyager's journey

Unlike other traditional method of developing the game in secret, Yuga Labs and Improbable take an open and transparent development stage that aligns with the Ethereum blockchain’s characteristic.

Holders of the Land NFT, called Otherdeed, may participate in The Voyager’s Journey metaverse as the first steps to enter Otherside.

1. Purchase Otherdeed NFT

How to purchase otherdeed NFT

Otherdeed NFTs are access tokens to participate in playtesting and co-production of Otherside. In addition, each Otherdeed NFT represents a plot of land (aka Plot ) available in Otherside with its own configuration of natural elements, resources and element attributes.

Otherdeed NFT affects the natural resources that can be mined in the land, items created, and loot earned on adventures.

It can be purchased in ETH (Ethereum) from Opensea.

2. Confirm test play date and time on Discord

Next, join the Discord to see the test play announcement.

During the test play of The Voyager’s Journey, “Otherside 2nd Trip”, you could participate by following the link below.

What is The Voyager’s Journey?

The Voyager's Journey

The Voyager’s Journey test play, “Otherside 2nd Trip,” was a frenzy, allowing thousands of players to connect simultaneously.

About Otherside Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency – APECOIN

Image credit: Otherside

ApeCoin is a cryptocurrency circulating on the Otherside. It is an ERc-20 and governance token controlled by and built on the ApeCoin DAO community.

Mainly, you can trade Apecoin with ByBit and Uniswap.

Contract Address:Β


Source: Otherside

The AGORA is a marketplace within Otherside for buying, sorting, finding, trading, and selling a wide variety of created, farmed, and harvested items.

The AGORA plans to be the fastest, easiest, and safest marketplace to participate in and benefit from the Otherside economy.


This project has the potential to revolutionize our lifestyles and forms of business, entertainment, and communication.

Otherside a decentralized metaverse platform by Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC, MAYC, and other well-known NFTs.

If you are interested, please check it out.

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