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The Harvest NFT(Token) Game Review | How to Play

Introducing “The Harvest,” a shooter with MOBA and battle royale elements, with four teams of three heroes competing against each other.

Unlike traditional shooting games, there are new game elements that use cards called hero cards to enhance and add abilities to the heroes. In addition to shooting techniques, there are multiple key factors to take advantage of the game’s battlefield, such as card tactics and timing of use.

Currently, the game is available for free play in open beta, and if you would like to experience the game early, we encourage you to install the game from the official website.

This article will provide an overview of The Harvest game, how to get started, and the cryptocurrencies $EOL and $HAR as far as we currently know. We hope you will find it useful.

What is The Harvest?

the harvestimage4

Game Title The Harvest
Game Genre MOBA and FPS
Blockchain BINANCE chain
Game token $EOL, $HAR
Initial Investment
Supported models PC
Official Site
Official Twitter
Official Discord

The Harvest is a shooter with MOBA and battle royale elements; four teams of three heroes compete against each other. The team that captures more essence wins.

Essence can be obtained in a variety of ways, so players must choose the strategy that best suits their play style. Players can harvest essences by defeating enemy heroes or by killing creatures that inhabit the map.

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There are ways to acquire essence more quickly.

  1. Collect from Extractors
  2. Defeat other Heroes
  3. Attack another team’s base
  4. Defeat the Monster

1. Collect from Extractors

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Extractors that can collect essence are scattered throughout the map. The extractor’s pool of essence is limited, so players standing within the area of effect will harvest essence until it runs out.

Depending on the total pool of essences, there are two types of extractors: regular essence extractors and super essence extractors.

2. Defeat other Heroes

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When a player defeats an enemy, essence is automatically collected from the downed opponent. However, the downed opponent does not lose the collected essence.

3. Attack another team’s base

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The base is where all team essences are stored. Therefore, teams can attack other bases and steal other teams’ essences. As players approach an enemy base, they begin to collect essences. The more players of the same team that steal essence, the faster they steal.

The game informs you when a team is stolen with the statement, “Another team is stealing your base”.

4. Defeat the Monster

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Monsters appear in various locations on the map. By defeating these monsters, a large amount of essence can be collected.

About The Harvest Hero

There are four main types of heroes in The Harvest. Here are the characteristics of the heroes.

More heroes will be added in the future.


the harvestimage14

Weapon: Dial shotgun

Alith takes health from the enemy by damaging them.

Alith can move several meters in the direction of movement at a moment’s notice. Alith can hold up to three charges of dash abilities, which are recharged every few seconds.

Alith throws a boomerang blade that penetrates the enemy, damaging any enemy it hits; Alith can use this ability again to teleport to the location of the blade once used.


the harvestimage17

Weapon: Rocket launcher

Duke’s rockets inflict damage over a wide area.

Duke activates the jetpack on his back and soars into the air. He stores up to three jetpack abilities, which are recharged every few seconds.

Duke has an attack that descends from the sky with great force, damaging and stunning enemies in the area by the impact it makes on the ground. The damage dealt increases based on the altitude in the air.


the harvestimage11

Weapon: Submachine gun

If Kira damages an enemy multiple times, he will not be able to use his abilities. You can overwhelm your enemies with a barrage of submachine gun fire.

Kira fires a projection of itself forward. The ability to move position with the projection can be used again. When the projection disappears, it explodes, causing damage and stunning within range.

Kira can put up a barrier on allies and himself to prevent damage. When the barrier is naturally released, Kira and her allies will recover.


the harvestimage10

Weapon: Sniper rifle

Sahad can be reliably killed from a distance using the gun’s scope.

Sahad throws traps in front of himself and rushes backward to increase mobility. Enemies caught in the trap become rooted and visible beyond the obstacles of the Sahad and its allies.

About The Harvest’s Hero Cards

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Hero cards are a game element unique to The Harvest. They are the key to winning the game and allow players to upgrade and increase the abilities of their heroes.

Players must create a deck of eight Hero cards before starting each match. Each time a hero levels up in the game, two cards are drawn from the deck and one of them is chosen to equip the hero. The other card is discarded. A hero may level up a maximum of 4 times per game. Thus, out of a total of 8 cards, a hero may equip up to 4 cards during the game.

How to View Hero Cards

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RARITY: Cards come in different rarities. Common (gray frame), Uncommon (black frame), Rare (blue frame), Epic (purple frame), Legendary (golden frame)

Effect: Effect applied to a hero when a card is attached to a hero during a match.

Type: There are two types of cards, passive and active, depending on how the card’s effect is activated.

Hero: Identifies the hero corresponding to this card. A hero’s deck cannot contain cards of other heroes.

Essence Bar: A progress bar showing the essences needed to reach the next level. Essence is the “soft currency” associated with a player’s experience progress. After each game, players earn this Essence (EOL), which is stored in the player’s account. Players can spend the Essence earned in a game to advance and level up the Essence bar on their cards.

Level: Each time a card is leveled up, the numerical value of the card’s ability increases. Common cards can go from level 1 to level 10, while premium cards can go from level 1 to level 25. To level up a Premium card, the player must fill the Essence Bar with the required amount of Essence from Level 1 to 10. To complete the leveling up, the player must spend $HAR tokens from level 11 to 25.

Health points (HP) determine the number of hit points a unit has. When a unit’s HP reaches 0, it dies.

Attack Power (ATK) is a statistic that determines the damage inflicted by basic attacks, abilities, and card effects.

Defensive ability (DEF) is a status that determines the amount of damage that is reduced by an enemy’s normal attacks, abilities, and card effects.

Armor penetration (PEN) is a statistic that indicates how much of a target’s defenses are ignored when the user inflicts damage.

Evasion (EVA) is a chance to avoid enemy attacks. Evasion effect: Ignores 100% of attacking enemies’ attacks.

Critical (CRT) is the probability of a critical hit occurring. A critical hit deals 50% more damage than a normal hit.

Cooldown Reduction (CR) is a statistic that reduces the cooldown (the amount of time before an ability can be used again) of a hero’s abilities and active cards.

About The Harvest Card Box

the harvestimage1

Two types of boxes are available for purchase: Mystery Boxes and Legendary Boxes.

Mystery Boxes contain a total of 10 random cards. Drop rate: 85% Rare, 10% Epic, 2.5% Legendary, 2.5% Shiny (2.0% Shiny Rare, 0.4% Shiny Epic, 0.1% Shiny Legendary)

The Legendary box contains a total of 40 random cards of guaranteed rarity: 34 Rare, 4 Epic, 1 Legendary and 1 Shiny.

About The Harvest Token

The Harvest uses two currencies, EOL and HAR.


the harvestimage18

$EOL is a native token earned through gameplay. It is primarily used to enhance Ability cards.


the harvestimage6

$HAR is a Governance Token. It can be used to participate in the web marketplace of games and tournaments.

How to start The Harvest

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An open beta version will be available until February 6, 2023. Click on “Download” on the official website and install The Harvest on the Steam gaming platform.

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If you play at least once a day in the open beta and play every day, you will receive an ability card.

Asian and South American servers are running and are recommended daily from 8:00pm-11:00pm as they are especially easy to match.

The Harvest Summary

The Harvest, a shooting game with new game elements, was described.

Please check back in the future as we will update this article as new information becomes available.

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