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SHRAPNEL NFT(Token) Game Review | How to Play

SHRAPNEL, an NFT game and a full-fledged FPS.

The thrilling PvP style and high quality of the game have been well received on social media.

This article provides an overview of SHRAPNEL, how to get started, and how to earn money. Please refer to it.

SHRAPNEL has also been selected for the following summary article.

What is SHRAPNEL? About gameplay and NFT

what is shrapnel

SHRAPNEL” was developed with Unreal Engine 5, and one of the advantages of utilizing this engine is that it can reproduce very beautiful images.

We also utilize a mechanism called subnets in the Avalanche blockchain.

It has already successfully raised $17.5 million in seed rounds and private token sales and has attracted tremendous industry attention.

Genre FPS
Blockchain Avalanche (AVAX) subnet
Game Token $SHRAP
Contract Address Under investigation
Initial Investment Amount Free of charge
Compensation Under investigation
Supported models PC
Official Site
Official Twitter
Official Discord

Basic game content

Below is a gameplay video released by the official website.

Basically, the basic way to earn money is to compete with other users in PvP.

The user, as operator, is tasked with entering the zone to discover and extract valuable resources.

If you die, your equipped NFT (gear) will be dropped and taken away from you, making for a very thrilling battle.

After collecting the loot, players fight their way to the battlefield extraction point and survive long enough to escape and keep the NFTs they have earned for themselves.

*There is a class called “Contract Operator” for those who want to play without destroying their equipment. contract operators can play the game with random equipment and classes. However, you cannot trade equipment you have acquired.


SHRAPNEL’s NFTs specifically include the following

  • Operator NFT: pre-purchase benefit (operating character!)
  • WEAPONS: Weapons
  • ARMOR: Armor
  • CONSUMABLES: items such as grenades
  • TECHNOLOGY: Support equipment such as night vision goggles

Weapons are composed of Component NFT and Attachment NFT, which can be combined to create your own unique weapon.

In addition, weapon parts and armor are graded Standard, Refined, and Perfected. However, the grades do not have a significant effect on the ability values.

There are other NFTs such as weapon appearance and maps.

How to start SHRAPNEL and purchase operator NFT

You can purchase “Operator NFT” at Opensea, although it is not currently available for gameplay.

There are many benefits of purchasing now.

There may be a possibility to earn large profits after the game launch.

List of pre-purchase benefits

  • Permission to use in-game rewards and in-game assets
  • Airdrops (NFTs and tokens) based on NFT holdings and rarity
  • Early access rights to the game
  • Early access to creator tools
  • SHRAPNEL Digital Comic Book Airdrop
  • BTS Pass (details unknown)

Operator NFTs can be purchased with ETH (Ethereum), so let’s have your ETH (Ethereum) ready!

Process of Purchasing Cryptocurrency:


⇒ Metamask (Wallet)

⇒ Official site

Specific procedures:

  • Transfer ETH (Ethereum) to Metamask
  • Buy Operator NFT at OpenSea

1. Transfer ETH (Ethereum) to Metamask

Once the purchase of ETH (Ethereum) is completed, the money is transferred to the MetaMask wallet, which serves as the wallet for the cryptocurrency.

Metamask Opening Procedure

  1. Access to the official website
  2. Install
  3. Check secret word (private key)
  4. Enter secret word (private key)
  5. Set login password

Once the Metamask is opened, transfer ETH to the Metamask from the GMO Coin Withdrawal screen.

4. Buy operator NFTs at OpenSea

View Operator NFT at Opensea

SHRAPNEL’s cryptocurrency and its uses


$SHRAP is the one and only cryptocurrency of the game, distributed as below:

It is the Governance token.

  • ERC-20 (Avalanche network)
  • Total supply is 3 billion

The main applications are as follows

  • Voting right
  • Validator operations:  staking fees, etc.
  • Minting and brokerage fees: fees for minting player-created content (maps, prefabs, skins, vanities)
  • Reward:  player-created content/gameplay or participation in content discovery

How to earn money with SHRAPNEL

Specifically, the following ways to earn money are available.

  1. Earn money through PvP
  2. Earn money with crafts
  3. Map it out
  4. Earn money in Staking
  5. Earn money as a landowner

1. Earn money through PvP

The simplest way to earn: complete missions in PvP and earn SHRAP tokens.

In PvP, you can also earn money by taking equipment from other players and selling it on the market.

2. Earn money with crafts

You can create and sell your own equipment on the market.

3. Create map

You will be rewarded for creating maps and having them used by landowners.

4. Earn money by staking

$SHRAP tokens can be earned by staking them in certain lands and vanity items.

5. Earn money as a landowner

You can earn tokens by owning Land NFT, signing contracts with popular maps, and having people play on your land.

Why do we recommend SHRAPNEL?

What exactly are the advantages of playing Shrapnel?

The site focuses on the following points:

  1. First real NFT game x FPS
  2. Excellent development team members and ample funding

I will explain in turn.

1. It is the first real NFT game x FPS

Until now, RPGs, action, and card games have been the most common genres of NFT games, and there has been no real FPS. However, FPS is currently the genre with the largest number of users worldwide.

Therefore, a full-fledged FPS game utilizing NFT is highly anticipated.

2. Excellent development team members and ample funding

SHRAPNEL has raised over $17.5 million in funding and is well funded.

In addition, the development company, Studio Neon, headquartered in Seattle, USA, is famous for its excellent team members.

It brings together designers, producers, artists, and programmers with extensive backgrounds in the development of well-known game titles such as Call of Duty and Westworld, as well as in the television and film industries.


SHRAPNEL is the first full-fledged FPS for NFT games.

The trailer that has been released seems to indicate that it will be of a very high quality.

Check out SHRAPNEL while you can!

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