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Big Time NFT(Tokens) Game Review | Space and Marketplace

You are wondering what kind of game Big Time is?

Big Time is a game that has not yet officially launched, but you can only buy and sell NFTs used in the game.

In this article, we will explain why Big Time is attracting so much attention, and then discuss the currently known uses of NFT.

We plan to play the game after its official launch and will update this site as new information becomes available.

Big Time has also been selected for the following summary article.

What’s New about Big Time?

gift mystery box

Big Time is scheduled to airdrop mystery boxes and TIME tokens for utility NFTs (weapons, armor and time wardens) in February 2023.

Starting March 2022, you can earn points based on the number of times you play the dungeon even if you do not have NFT; you will earn 5% of the points for each dungeon played. Each month, you can earn up to 100% of points for a maximum of 20 plays. 


What is Big Time?

Watch this video about “Big Time Gameplay Reveal Premiere”

Game Title BIGTIME
Game Genre RPG
Blockchain Ethereum Chain
Game Token $TIME
Initial Investment Free (get ruby access pass) ~
Supported models PC (currently Windows only)

Big Time is a multiplayer RPG game that offers fast action play while adventuring.

Big Time will participate in dungeons and defeat monsters. While defeating monsters, players collect NFTs and tokens. This action RPG supports multiplayer and can be played as a team with as many as 6 players.

Big Time is available for free play at the time of game launch. Currently, Early Access Pass holders can play the game. Early players will be able to collect their NFTs before anyone else and be the first to experience the game.

One of the reasons this game has attracted so much attention is the stellar production team. The game is being developed by Big Time Studios, a company that consists mainly of members of the Decentraland metaverse, with experience from Epic Games (of Fortnite fame) and Infinity Ward (which makes Call of Duty).

According to Big Time’s CPO (Chief Product Officer) Alexander, the game will combine fast action gameplay like God of War with cooperative play like World of Warcraft or Diablo.

About the Class System (Character)

class system character

The characters, also known as “classes” that players can choose from include:

  • Time Warrior: This is an aggressive character who uses melee weapons.
  • Chronomancer: This character fights at long range using powerful magic.
  • Shadow Blade: This character is agile and stealthy in close quarters combat.
  • Quantum Fixer: A supportive character that defends against enemy attacks and heals allies.

Each class has a different play style and different weapons that can be equipped.

You can switch from the first class you select to a different class to play in the middle of the game.

About NFT

Big Time has three main NFTs: cosmetic NFT, space NFT, and utility NFT.

About Cosmetics NFT

cosmetics NFT

Cosmetics NFT will be equipment such as weapons and armor. The equipment is tailored to the class.

Each piece of equipment has its own parameters that add status and a unique look to your character.

These cosmetic NFTs can be traded on the official marketplace.

About Utility NFT

There are three types of utility NFTs: Forge, Time Warden, and Armory

  • Forge can refine materials needed to upgrade weapons, upgrade weapons, and synthesize the same weapons together.
  • Time Wardens can create the hourglass needed to earn TIME tokens.
  • Armory can refine materials needed to upgrade armor, upgrade armor, and synthesize the same armor.

About Space NFT

Space NFT is a private room-like land NFT. Space NFT is where you can own a utility NFT. This is the main area of the game where you can upgrade and synthesize weapons, create an hourglass, etc.

Each space has a specific number of exit points. An exit point can be connected to another space.

Spaces can be interconnected and expanded. It is also used to connect a utility NFT to its space when connecting. For example, if a space has a maximum of three exits, only three utility NFTs can be connected.

The rarity of the space is the rarity of the NFT that can be handled. NFTs below the rarity of the space cannot be handled. A rare space can handle NFTs below rare in the space.

About Big Time’s crypto currencies and in-game resources

Big Time has three types of in-game resources: the main currency $TIME token, Time Crystals and Cosmetic Shard

$TIME token is Big Time’s primary crypto currency. The maximum number of tokens issued is 1 billion.

To earn $TIME tokens, players must use the hourglass. Only players who use the hourglass at a particular moment, regardless of the number of active players, can earn $TIME tokens. Therefore, the supply of $TIME tokens is limited.

$TIME tokens are used to create and upgrade weapons and armor.

Time Crystals are needed to create the hourglass needed to earn $TIME tokens. It is a rare drop in the game.

You can buy directly from Big Time officials, but you cannot trade.

Cosmetic Shards will be materials needed to create and upgrade weapons and armor. They are dropped randomly in the game.

How to Play and Earn with Big Time

There are two ways to earn money with Big Time: resell dropped NFTs in the marketplace or use the upcoming hourglass to earn $TIME tokens.

Resell NFTs and earn money

Big Time has a certain percentage of cosmetic NFTs and space NFTs dropped when monsters are defeated.

You can resell dropped cosmetic NFTs and space NFTs on the official BIG TIME website.

The number of NFTs issued is determined by scarcity. The greater the rarity, the higher the price at which they can be resold.

Since game play is only available to Early Access Pass holders, they have the advantage of being able to collect NFT early until the official launch.

  • Cosmetics NFT
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Mythic Exalted Exotic Transcendent Unique
Volume 1,500 800 500 200 100 50 10 1

  • Space NFT
Rarity Rare Epic Legendary Mythic Exalted
Small size 168,000 108,000 72,000 26,400 6,000
Medium size 64,800 63,000 36,000 16,800 3,600
Large size 7,200 9,000 12,000 4,800 2,400

Earn money with NFT airdrops

gift mystery box

Big Time is planning a Mystery Box and $TIME token airdrop in February 2023, where you can get utility NFTs (weapons, armor, time wardens) depending on your account points.

Airdrops will begin in February 2023 with one airdrop per month. It will continue through the Open Beta period.

Airdrop quantity for utility NFT

Rarity Airdrop quantity
COMMON 1,000,000
RARE 2,000
EPIC 1,500

The amount of utility NFT is divided into 45% for weapons, 45% for armor, and 10% for time wardens.

The amount of $TIME tokens that will be airdropped is worth $130,000,000.

An account point-based system will be used to determine monthly airdrops. Account points are converted to total account points for weapons, armor, titles, space, utilities, and mystery box NFTs. The more of these you hold, the higher your airdrop rewards will be.

Also, starting March 2023, you can earn points based on the number of times you play the dungeon even if you do not have NFT; you will earn 5% of the points for each dungeon played. Each month, you can earn up to 100% of the points for a maximum of 20 plays.

The rewards are lavish depending on these NFT points plus points for game play.

Use the hourglass to earn TIME tokens

Only the player who uses the hourglass can earn TIME tokens for the duration of the hourglass. Get an empty hourglass in the game and create an hourglass in the Time Warden in Space NFT.

You need a time crystal to make an hourglass. Use a time crystal in the hourglass to charge the hourglass.

The higher the rarity of the space, the easier it is to obtain the original empty hourglass.

*Cannot be earned at the hourglass at this time as it is not yet implemented.

Here is the process of acquiring tokens using SPACE.

How to start Big Time

Big Time allows you to start the game earlier if you have an Early Access Pass. You will have an advantage because you can collect NFTs before anyone else until the official launch.

To get started with Big Time, you must obtain a Ruby Access Pass. Ruby Access Passes are available in two ways: by purchasing space for a fee or by winning a Ruby Access Pass in a drawing.

If you want to play right away, buy your space; if you want to start for free, enter the drawing for a Ruby Access Pass. 50 winners will be selected each week.

Apply using the form below.

Our website explains how to get started by purchasing space for a fee for those who want to play right away.

Big Time currently supports only Windows systems for PCs.

Minimum PC Specification Requirements

  • Windows 10/11 compatible
  • GeForce GTX 1060 or higher / Radeon Rx 580 or higher
  • 8GB RAM
  • DirectX 11 or higher
  • Intel core i5 4430/AMD FX 6300

How to get started with BigTime specifically

  1. Create a Big Time account
  2. Prepare the virtual currency Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Get a Ruby Access Pass
  4. Install the game

STEP1: Create a Big Time account

First, visit Big Time’s official website and tap “Explore the Marketplace”!

STEP2: Prepare the crypto currency ETH (Ethereum)

Specific Procedures:

  1. Buy ETH (Ethereum)
  2. Transfer ETH (Ethereum) to Metamask
  3. Buy Eggs NFT on the official website
  4. Hatching Eggs NFT

1. Buy ETH (Ethereum)

First, purchase ETH.

2. Transfer ETH (Ethereum) to Big Time

transfer ETH

Next, click on “Sign in” in the upper right corner to sign in with your Google account!


Select “wallet” -> “crypto deposit” from the icon in the upper right corner, and tap “Create Wallet Address” when the address for deposit appears.

The ETH (Ethereum) address will be displayed, and send the purchased ETH (Ethereum) to this address.


You will receive an email confirming the submission and the amount will be automatically converted from ETH to dollars. Once the deposit is reflected, you will be able to buy and sell on the Big Time Marketplace.

It takes about 30 minutes for the amount to be reflected.

STEP3: Get a Ruby Access Pass

Once you have deposited the money in your wallet, you can purchase space NFTs in the Marketplace.

Enter the following creator code “bigtimeintel” at the time of purchase to obtain a Ruby Access Pass when your purchase is complete.

Creator code: bigtimeintel

Confirmation of receipt of your Ruby Access Pass can be found in your Redeem VIP Pass, which is located in your profile in the upper right corner.

In case that you cannot confirm your ruby access pass, contact the management.

Contact: [email protected]

STEP4: Install the game

Select Redeem VIP Pass from the drop-down menu under your profile in the upper right corner.

Select “BigTime” on the screen to redeem your early access pass.

metamask big time

Connect your wallet using MetaMask or WalletConnect

Once the wallets are connected, the “Signature Required” page will load. Click the orange button to send a signature request to the selected wallet.

Select the pass you wish to redeem from your Wallet or Marketplace account.

The Early Access Pass redemption is processed.

Once redeemed, click the download button to install Big Time Launcher.

Once installed, you are ready to play Big Time. Big Time currently supports only Windows systems for PCs.

Click “Play.”

Choose from four characters:

  • Attacking Time Warrior
  • Magic-based Chronomancer
  • Stealth and speedy Shadowblade
  • Defensive and heel-based Quantum Fixer

Once you have selected your character, the tutorial will begin and you can play Big Time. Hit “Continue” to start playing.

Big Time Guide

This section describes the gameplay of Big Time.

Basically, you move with W, A, S, and D. Monsters are attacked and defeated with the right and left mouse clicks. You can dash with the ‘SHIFT’ button.

You can activate abilities with the number buttons 1-0 on the keyboard, so use them effectively in battle. Z is for recovery. While recovering, you cannot move or attack, so use it in a place where there are no monsters.

Control Button Description
Left mouse click Attack 1
Right mouse click Attack 2
W,A,S,D Movement
Shift+W Dash
Space Jump
Z Recovery
1〜0 Ability
Q Guard
F Change of Weapons
P Party Invitation or Participation
E Collection of Drops
ESC Menu Screen

Here are some key points of gameplay

Leveling up is a priority

When the game begins, make leveling up a priority.

Weapons and armor that can be equipped change depending on the level. Level up and strengthen your weapons and armor.

The dungeon will be marked with an approximate level. It is recommended to participate according to your level.

Multiplayer recommended

Solo play is possible, but multiplayer allows multiple people to gain experience and drops collected at the same time.

Multiplayer is recommended over solo play because it is easier for multiple people to defeat monsters and collect experience and drops.

Press keyboard “P” to open the party window. Make sure “Find Groups” is turned on and wait for others to invite you. If you do not want to wait for an invitation, start your own party and invite others.

When looking for users to play multiplayer, select Frankfurt to play, as the Gateway server has the largest number of users in Frankfurt.

Chronomancer is recommended at first.

Chronomancers specialize in long-range attacks.

Shadow Blades and Time Warriors, which are melee types, are prone to being hit by bullets, so it is easy for their health to drop to zero. If they lose health in multiplayer games, they will not gain experience, so chronomancers with long-range attacks are recommended.

Switch to another class


You can change from the first class you select to any other class. Status and skills start at level 0.

You can switch to a class of your choice by running a portal/dungeon to find a pocket watch or by talking to a class trainer vendor bot (robot).


  • Big Time is an action RPG game produced by a superb team of members with many quite interesting game elements.
  • Early access pass allows early collection of NFTs
  • Play and get airdrops.

At the moment, these four points are all we need to keep in mind.

Incidentally, Big Time stores items in a patented off-chain management system, with a private database where both NFT and regular items can coexist.

As long as you do not operate it yourself or purchase it on an external market, it seems to basically work off-chain, so it will be relatively easy to use even for those who are not familiar with the blockchain.

We will send out any new information as it becomes available.

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