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SORARE NFT(Token) Review | Data and How to Play

SORARE is a soccer NFT game that combines the elements of collecting trading cards and Play-to-Earn.

In this article, we provide a thorough explanation of SORARE, from its overview to how to get started and how to earn money for beginners.

We will even disclose the amount of money we have actually earned since we started in July 2021.

SORARE has also been selected for the following summary article.


In conjunction with the Soccer World Cup, Sorare held a free-to-play event called Sorare Global Cup.

During this event, players had a chance to play the game for free and predict the players who will play in the World Cup to win ETH, NFT cards, and other great rewards!

What is SORARE?


Game title SORARE
Genre TCG
Blockchain ETH
Game Tokens none
Initial Investment Amount Free play only
*5 rare cards are required to earn rewards.
Amount of compensation ETH worth $25~.
*Every 1open (about once every 3-4 days)
Supported models PC, Smartphones

SORARE is a game in which you can predict the success of players and earn rewards based on the actual results of the players.

Specifically, you register five players in a league with various weekly signups, and when the players perform well, the players earn points, and you earn rewards based on the total points of the five players. Each league has different rewards.

Selection of NFT cards is important, but if you buy players who earn points well and consistently, you can earn up to $50 ETH or more about once every 3-4 days.

Points are determined by the game play of the registered players. Play is scored overall, including offensive-offensive play and defensive-defensive play.

Leagues are played weekly and rewards are earned based on total points. Rewards earned vary depending on the league.

For example, in the Rare All Star league, you can earn $50 worth of ETH every week for every 250 points earned. In addition, the higher the points you earn, the more ETH you are rewarded with, and the more luxurious the rewards become, such as more ETH, rare NFT cards, etc.

NFT cards are available in five rarities: common, limited, rare, super rare, and unique. The higher the rarity, the more luxurious the rewards are for participating in the league.

The number of cards issued are based on rarity, as follows

Rarity Number of copies issued
Unique 1
Super Rare 10
Rare 100
Limited 1000
Common unlimited

If you want to earn ETH, you should start with the rare cards.

On the NFT card, you can check the points for the last 5 matches. If a player does not participate in a match, no points are awarded; the higher the points, the more active the player is.

Buy 5 players at the auction and get 1 Limited card.

Sign up for SORARE

How to earn money with SORARE

1.  Make money by reselling your NFTs collection

All cards used in the game (except COMMON) are NFTs and are therefore collectibles.

For example, cards of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are resold at high prices. The more popular the player, the higher the price.

messi cards

By the way, each player has a rarity and the number of cards issued is shown below. The higher the rarity, the higher the market value and the higher the price.

Rarity Number of copies issued
Unique 1
Super Rare 10
Rare 100
Limited 1000
Common unlimited

The key to resale is to hold on to promising players whose value is likely to increase and resell them for a profit when the players are active. The value of a player is likely to increase especially when the player is active or when the player transfers to an overseas club or a big club.

2. Earn money from League rewards

earn from league rewards

Each week there will be a league with various signups, and since the Training league is free to join, it is a good idea to first join with the common cards you own to learn the flow of the game.

The Rare All Star league is a great way to earn money.

earn from league rewards 2

League Conditions of Participation Reward
Rare All Star Rare cards only 250pt or more: $50 worth of ETH
205pt or more: $25 worth of ETH

If you earn 205 points or more, you will receive $25 worth of ETH (about $3,000). ($50 worth of ETH for 250 points or more).

It is a good idea to aim for this reward first.

205 points is easy or difficult, but I personally think it is easy if you can select players who are solidly in every game.

Incidentally, in terms of information, Japanese players are recommended. In terms of cheapness, Korean players are also good.

SORARE’s initial investment and earnings

Here is a detailed disclosure of how much the author SORARE earned.

The program started in July 2021 and as of January 2023, the specific results are shown in the table below. (Unit: ETH)

① Total amount of player purchases 2.069ETH
② Player sales amount 1.7813ETH
③ Reward 0.746ETH
Final Result (②+③-①) 0.4583ETH

Currently, earnings amount is positive at 0.4583 ETH.

SORARE has a high liquidity of players, so unlike other games, if you have popular players, they are rather easy to sell.

Currently, with the price of ETH falling, the current yield rate is about 100% per annum.

One reason for this is that SORARE rewards are based on a fixed-fee system.

As of June 2022, when the price of ETH is low, we would have received about 0.04 ETH for every 1 Open.


For example, the J-League has more than 30 matches per year, so if you can earn 0.04 ETH each time, you can earn more than 1 ETH per year. If you can keep player purchases to about 1 ETH, the simple yield is over 100%.


We use the website “SORARE DATA” as a tool to look at player prices and past performance, etc. Please refer to it as well.

SORARE Strategy Points and Notes

1. Buy from J-League players

There is no superiority in the popularity of the players, and the players’ play in each game will be equally evaluated.

We recommend buying J-League players, which are relatively inexpensive, rather than European players.

In addition, the J-League is easy to select players in terms of ease of access to information.

For example, compare Pedri, who plays for FC Barcelona in the Spanish League, with Ienaga, who plays for Kawasaki Frontale in the J-League.


Pedri has a five-game average score of 61.


Ienaga also has an average score of 61 over 5 games, but the price is about 20 times higher.

We recommend J-League players because scores are evaluated regardless of the popularity of the player.

2. Select players who can play in every game rather than in the middle of a game.

Players who can play in every game are valued more highly than those who can play in the middle of a game.

Therefore, players who are regularly involved in the game are able to score higher.

For example, in the match between Kawasaki Frontale and FC Tokyo


Against FC Tokyo, Oshima played in the middle of the game and the score was 32.


Tachibanada, who played the full game against FC Tokyo, had a score of 81.

Players who are able to stay in the game longer tend to score higher.

GK, CMF (center midfield), and CB (center back) are also positions that are relatively less likely to be replaced and are therefore more likely to be played at full strength. Forward, top and side midfielders are positions where players are more likely to be substituted relatively often.

Taking these factors into account, select players who can be expected to play in every game.

3. Players’ league affiliation will be unified.

Different continents have different periods of time when their leagues are held. If they are held at different times of the year, players will be on vacation and will not be evaluated and their score will be zero.

For example,

The J-League season begins on February 18, and the last day of the season is November 5.

The European Premier League begins on August 12, with the last day of the season on May 19 of the following year.

If one of the players belongs to a different league, the score of the absent player will be zero during the period when the event does not cover.

Choose players with a unified league affiliation.

4. Auction off targeted players.


If you have a player in mind, auctions are cheaper than buying players sold on the market.

If you follow a player, you will be notified of auctions, so follow the player and wait.

Let’s get started with SORARE!

sign up

First of all, access the official website and tap “Sign Up”. The tutorial will start and you will receive a Common NFT card.

By the way, you can join the “Training” league with common cards that you can get for free. The reward will be a common card.

How to join a league and recommended leagues

recommended league

Sorare can join the league from “Play“. Tap “Upcoming.

  • Upcoming: Upcoming matches
  • Live: Live games
  • Past: Past games

The league matches being held are displayed, and the rarity of the cards available for participation, rewards, and the number of player participants can be checked.

The leagues you can join are marked in black with “REGISTER.


Click on the league you are interested in for more information.


In the details section you will find an overview of the leagues and the conditions of participation. Depending on the league, there may be participation requirements for rare cards only, limited cards only, etc.

reague + earn

The “Prize pool” allows you to see the rewards available in the league matches. The rewards available vary depending on your rank and the score you have earned.


Once you have decided on the league you wish to join, click on “REGISTER” and select 5 players to join. “Joined” will be displayed when your participation is complete.


Free common player cards are available for weekly participation in the free Training league. Common cards are available as rewards.


The most recommended league is the Rare All Star league; the Limited All Star league offers ETH rewards only to the top players, so the Rare All Star league is recommended if you want to pay to play.

Rare All Star leagues earn ETH weekly for earning 205 points or more. The higher the points you earn, the more ETH you will be rewarded with, and the more you earn, the more you will be rewarded with rare NFT cards and more.

To participate in the Rare All Star League, you need to prepare 5 Rare cards including FW, MF, DF and GK.

How to buy and choose an NFT card


Purchase NFT cards from the “Market” in the upper left corner; NFT cards can be purchased at auction or on sale.

  • Auctions are held on an irregular basis, but you can purchase NFT cards at a discount.
  • The sale is sold by the player and you can buy the NFT card immediately.


If you have a player in mind, you can follow the player and purchase the item after it goes to auction.

If you want to start SORARE immediately, purchase an NFT card from the sale.

In the sale, you can search for players by narrowing down criteria such as rarity, position, league, and team, as shown in the image above.

You can also browse by changing the order, such as Deals, New Listings, and Lowest Price.

If you are playing SORARE for the first time, you should choose from the J-League players, which can be purchased relatively cheaply, since all club players are valued equally.

Consider from Japanese players by selecting J-League from the league items on the left and deals from the sorting on the upper right. If you have a favorite soccer club, use the search field to find club teams in English.


Tap the player you are interested in to see the average score of the last five games and other information.

The league (Rare All Star), which offers ETH rewards, requires a total of 205 points, so players who can score 40-50 points per player are considered. It is easier to score with players who can play in every game, regardless of their success, rather than those who play in the middle of the game.

In addition, the period at the end of the league and before the league is held is a good time to buy as prices are lower.

How to Buy and Deposit ETH (Ethereum)

1. Transfer Ethereum to Metamask

Once the purchase of Ethereum is complete, the money is transferred to the Metamask wallet, which acts as a cryptocurrency wallet.


For more information on how to use MetaMask, please refer to the following article

2. Deposit Ethereum in SORARE

Once you have transferred Ethereum to Metamask, the last step is to transfer the money to the SORARE wallet on the official website.

Access the official website.

The blue button in the upper right corner of the home screen that displays your ETH balance is the wallet in SORARE. Click on the wallet.


If you wish to deposit ETH, you can do so at “ADD FUND“.

How to withdraw ETH

The blue button in the upper right corner of the home screen that displays your ETH balance is the wallet in SORARE. Click on the wallet.


If you wish to withdraw ETH, you can do so via “WITHDRAW“.


SORARE is a game where you can earn money while collecting NFT cards of famous soccer players, such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Once you have the players, you can basically earn money almost by leaving the game alone, as you only need to touch them once every 3 or 4 days for about 3 minutes to complete the game.

Think about whether you would like to purchase soccer player NFTs? Try SORARE now!

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