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Bullet Chain NFT(Crypto) Game Review | How to Play and Earn

Bullet Chain is not only an NFT game but also a full-fledged TPS.

TPS: A third-person shooter game.

TPS is already a globally popular genre, with the big names such as PUBG and Fortnite, but there are still no examples of games with a fully integrated “Plat to Earn” ecosystem. Out of those globally popular TPS games, Bullet Chain is known as a new TPS that fully embraces the “Plat to Earn” ecosystem.

The app is currently under development and cannot be played, but will be released this spring.

It has also become a popular topic of conversation due to the abundance of ways for players to earn rewards.

This article provides an overview of Bullet Chain, how to get started, and how to earn money. We hope you find it useful.

What is Bullet Chain? How to play and types of NFT

Bullet Chain” is a multiplayer online shooter in which two teams of players compete to take over a single base.

EKOIOS, a company with extensive experience in developing blockchain-related products, is participating in the development of the game, which uses the Unreal Engine for high graphic quality, allowing players to experience the thrill of realistic combat.

Game Title Bullet Chain
Genre TPS
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Game Token $BCN,$BUL
Contract Address 0xFDB43AFbF962D6793E2F0E0f3ed58820Ca36507B
Initial Investment Amount Free of charge ~
Compensation Under investigation
Supported models Smartphone apps(IOS,Android)
Official website
Official Twitter
Official Discord

Basic game content

Below is a game video released by the official website.

The user enters the zone as a player, and the mission is for two teams to occupy each other’s one base. The key to victory in this game mode is to master a variety of weapons, characters and vehicles.

It uses a Win to Earn system, where winning earns you rewards.

The ecosystem is also designed so that even beginners can earn money if they play hard enough.

Players are equipped with default weapons and can play without paying. Players can unlock NFTs for weapons through a gacha system, which will make them stronger and earn more money.

In addition to the regular game modes, the Bullet Chain will feature special events with a variety of new features and limited-time rewards. Tournaments will also be held, ensuring that players will always experience fresh content.

By the way, items such as weapons and characters acquired through the weapon gacha will expire after the season ends. By purchasing a season pass, items acquired during the season are designed to extend their expiration date after the season ends.

About Bullet Chain’s NFT

The Bullet Chain basically includes Weapon NFTs and Land NFTs.

Weapon NFT

Weapon NFT can be obtained through gacha.

In addition, parts to upgrade weapons may drop during battle.

Before upgrading, players assemble a craft table and use the parts they have collected to upgrade their weapons. In addition, attachments are available, which can be picked up and equipped during a match.

In addition, in-game items such as weapons have a system that allows them to be rented and used. This feature allows players to try out different items. The owner sets the rental period on the marketplace and earns a percentage of the revenue the renter earns from using the item as a rental fee.

Basically, it can be repaired with $BUL tokens.

Land NFT

The battlefield that the players contend with functions as a land NFT.

Specifically, the following benefits are offered

Three revenue streams are available

  1. Earn $BCN tokens by staking LAND NFT
  2. Receive a portion (5%) of your stake back in the user betting battle mode
  3. Profit from the resale of LAND NFTs

~cara bermain~

How to get started with Bullet Chain and purchase Land NFT

The app is currently under development so you will not be able to play, but we plan to release the app this spring. First, buy land NFT and earn money.

Advantages of Purchasing Land NFT

  • Earn $BCN tokens by staking LAND NFT
  • A portion (5%) of the stake is returned in the user’s betting battle mode.
  • Gain on sales and purchases from the resale of LAND NFT.

Land NFT is purchased with BNB (Binance Coins), so have your BNB ready.

Connect to Metamask on Bullet Chain’s official website and purchase Land NFT

Go to Bullet Chain’s official website and tap “Connect Wallet.

Once you have selected your meta mask, you are ready to purchase. Get started, buy Land NFT!

Bullet Chain cryptocurrency and its uses

Bullet Chain has the following two cryptocurrencies (tokens)

  1. $BCN Token
  2. $BUL Token

$BCN Token

Governance token.

  • The main applications are as follows
  • Voting right
  • Staking
  • Buy and sell LAND NFT

$BUL Token

Utility token.

  • It can be obtained mainly by playing the game.
  • It will also be used to buy and sell Weapon NFTs.

How to earn money with Bullet Chain


The following are the main ways to earn money

  1. Play the game and earn money
  2. Earn money by renting weapons.
  3. Earn money in Staking

Earn money by playing games

The simplest way to earn $BUL tokens is to engage in PvP combat and earn $BUL tokens when your team wins.

Earn money by renting weapons

Extra weapons can be loaned to other users and earned by other users winning.

Earning by staking

By staking Land NFT, you can earn BCN tokens.

You can already do staking from the marketplace.

Why Bullet Chain?

What exactly are the benefits of playing Bullet Chain?

The site focuses on the following points

  1. First real NFT game x TPS
  2. There is an element of earning money even for non-TPS users.

I will explain in turn.

First real NFT game x FPS

Until now, RPGs, action, and card games have been the most common genres of NFT games, and there has been no full-fledged TPS.

However, the genre that currently has the most users worldwide is TPS.

Therefore, there are high expectations simply because it is a full-fledged TPS game utilizing NFT.

There is an element of earning money even for non-TPS users.

Bullet Chain is not only designed to allow players to earn money even without paying, but also to allow those who are not so interested in TPS to earn money.

We are particularly interested in land NFTs. is possible for land NFT owners to receive rewards without participating in the game, so those who are not good at game play or whose goal is to earn money can earn money by purchasing land NFTs.

We are focusing on this because of these elements that can bring in non-TSP users as well.


Bullet Chain is the first full-fledged TPS for NFT games.

The trailer that has been released seems to indicate that it will be of a very high quality.

The app is currently under development so you will not be able to play, but we plan to release the app this spring. First, buy land NFT and earn money.

Official website
Official Twitter
Official Discord

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