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DeLiteφ NFT(Crypto) Game Review | How to Play

DeLiteφ is a popular RPG game being reintroduced as an NFT game.

This article provides a detailed overview of DeLiteφ  and specific instructions on how to get started.

We hope you will find it useful.

delite overview

DeLiteφ Overview

DeLiteφ is a popular RPG game that has been downloaded a total of 7.77 million times and is now re-released as an NFT game.

In the game, players form a party of four to challenge dungeons. Rewards can be earned by clearing dungeons. By equipping and reinforcing your character with weapons and armor, you can clear dungeons of higher difficulty.



Equipped with swords and axes.

He is the shield of the party, attacking while protecting his allies by collecting attacks from the enemy to himself and stunning the enemy.


Can be equipped with a cairn and mace.

He is a healer who can use revival and total recovery magic, and supports his allies with various other support magic.


He is equipped with rods and wands.

The attacker can fire a terrifying instantaneous firepower by increasing magic attack power and firing magic in rapid succession.


He is equipped with a spear and twin swords.

This support and attack can not only inflict immense damage on enemies who have fallen into the Noh state, but can also raise allies’ hearts of meeting and agility.

About DeLiteφ tokens

DeLiteφ has two types of tokens: Governance Token and Utility Token.

Governance Token

  • Buy and sell NFTs in the Marketplace
  • Trading on the exchange

Utility token

  • Enhancement of weapons and armor
  • Used as NFT of equipments
  • Used to purchase equipments

About DeLiteφ Presale

NFT SALE Details


NFT Pack Type

  • Unique Pack
  • Legendary Pack
  • Rare Pack
  • Standard Pack

How to buy $PLT

This section describes the recommended procedure for purchasing $PLT.

1. Open an account at a domestic exchange

The exchanges where you can purchase $PLT tokens in Japanese yen are Coincheck and OKcoinJapan. Please open an account with one of these exchanges.

2. Purchase $PLT tokens in Japanese Yen

Select “PLT/JPY” on the exchange and purchase $PLT.

A Limit Order is a method of trading by selecting a price from the “PLT Buy/Sell Plates“. A limit order is a method in which the desired price and quantity are set in advance, and the transaction is executed when the market price matches the desired conditions. Therefore, trading will not take place until the specified price is reached.

3. Create a $PLT wallet

Next, create a $PLT wallet to transfer the PLT tokens. Follow these step:

  1. Download the application
  2. Create a wallet
  3. Enter wallet name and password
  4. Copy and write down the private key
  5. $PLT wallet creation is completed

4. Transfer $PLT tokens to wallet

Once you have created a PLT wallet, transfer the $PLT tokens to your wallet from the Coincheck money transfer screen.

How to Participate in the NFT Presale

To participate in the NFT presale, you can sign up for the NFT lottery to purchase in the PLT Marketplace.

  1. Register as a new user in the PLT Marketplace
  2. Participate in the presale
  • Click on “Connect Wallet”
  • QR Code will be displayed on the screen
  • Tap the upper right corner of the PLT app to scan the QR code
  • Wallet Connect completed


This article provides an overview of DeLiteφ, how to get started with it and participate in the presale.

Please refer to this article if you are planning to start DeLiteφ.

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