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CryptoGPT Game Review | How to Get Started and Earn

After the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT was successfully released to the public, AI became a huge trending topic.

A Data-to-Earn NFT game called CryptoGPT – which makes money by selling app user data – is getting attention.

This article will explain how to earn and get started with CryptoGPT and the cryptocurrency $GPT.

Please refer to the following information.

Update on CryptoGPT

CryptoGPT update

CryptoGPT is running a referral campaign where you can win early access to the app and $GPT depending on how many people you refer.

2 introductions = App Early Access

7 referrals (up to 500) = $10 $GPT + App Early Access

20 referrals (up to 200) = $50 $GPT + App Early Access

Check out the official website:

What is CryptoGPT?

Game Title CryptoGPT
Game Genre Data-to-Earn
Blockchain Ethereum
Game Token $GPT
Supported Models iOS, Android

CryptoGPT is a Data-to-Earn project that allows you to earn money by converting various data from the apps you use everyday into cryptocurrency. CryptoGPT packages data from fitness, gaming, education, and many other apps and allows users to buy and sell that data to earn revenue.

CryptoGPT introduction

So far, large technology companies have aggregated and monetized data, but now individuals will be able to own and buy and sell their own data.

How to get started with CryptoGPT

How to get started with CryptoGPT

First, let’s join the CryptoGPT referral campaign!

Basically, the campaign is explained like this.

2 referrals = Early App Access

7 referrals (up to 500) = $10 $GPT + App Early Access

20 referrals (up to 200) = $50 $GPT + App Early Access

100 referrals (up to 50) = $500 $GPT + App Early Access

400 referrals (up to 5) = $1000 $GPT + App Early Access

How to earn with CryptoGPT

How to earn with CryptoGPT

Personal data is NFTed into data capsules. The more data capsules you keep, the more revenue you will receive.

Follow these steps below:

  1. Link the app to CryptoGPT
  2. Transfer user data into NFT
  3. Sell user data to companies for profits

data capsule

The data box contains data capsules which are randomly categorized depending on their status and rarity.

data capsule 2

The data capsule has three different statuses and five rarities.

About the cryptocurrency $GPT

$GPT is a cryptocurrency that can be earned with CryptoGPT. Details have not yet been released.

The Future of CryptoGPT

Data Business Transformation

User data has allowed companies to grow their data businesses through efficient collection and monetization. For example, Google, Meta, and Amazon have become the most valuable companies in the world by selling user data to advertisers.

Blockchain technology will decentralize data and allow individuals to own data from companies. Individuals will be able to monetize and build new data businesses.

Earn money from app user data

Various projects using cryptocurrency are difficult to sustain and have inflationary challenges with endless tokens being issued.

This means that new capital is not flowing into the economy. One way to solve this problem is to monetize data with CryptoGPT, which could have a strong revenue base for users.


This article has explained how to earn and start CryptoGPT and about the cryptocurrency $GPT.

If you are interested in getting started with CryptoGPT, please refer to this article.

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